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RUX Are You Experienced? AYF Are You Finished RUJ aRe yoU Joking? AYK Are You Kidding? RUK aRe yoU Kidding? AAX Area of Absolute eXclusion AAZ Areas And Zones ARG arginine RXZ Arginine-Alanine-Proline proteins ANL Argonne National Laboratory AYE Argue Your End ALI Argyl Light Infantry ALU Arithmetic and Logic Unit computing ADE Arizona Department of Education AZQ Arizona Quarterly AZX Arizona Stock Exchange AJG Arizone Jojoba Growers ARK Arkansas AHP Arkansas Highway Police AHE Armament Handling Equipment ASD Armament Supply Department APO Armed Forces or Army Post Office AMV Armored Maintenance Vehicle AFV Armoured Fighting Vehicle AIV Armoured Infantry Vehicle APC Armoured Personnel Carrier AAC Army Air Corps AAF Army Air Force ACF Army Cadet Force AER Army Emergency Reserve AHN Army Health Nurse AKN Army Knowledge Network AKO Army Knowledge On-line ANV Army of Northern Virginia AOD Army Ordnance Department APD Army Pay Department AQB Army Qualifications Battery ASC Army Service Corps AVR Army Volunteer Reserve AWR Army War Reserve AYT Army Youth Team ARR arrangement AOO Art lending Of Ottawa AON Art Of Noise ATD Art Teacher's Diploma AID Artificial Insemination by Donor AIH Artificial Insemination by Husband AMN Artificial Mains Network AOY Artist of the Year AFY Arts For Youth AHH Aryl Hydrocarbon Hydroxylase used in tobacco research AZF As If AHS Ashland High School APN Asia Pacific Networx AZN Asian used in singles ads AXQ Asian Xgames Qualifier ASN asparagine AMB Asparagus Mustard Blancmange!


CFA Canadian Field Artillery CFL Canadian Football League CGQ Canadian Guitar Quartet CJS Canadian Joint Staff CJX Canadian Jorex CJC Canadian Journal of Communication CKC Canadian Kennel Club CKA Canadian Killifish Association CMA Canadian Medical Association CMQ Canadian Metallurgical Quarterly CNE Canadian National Exhibition CNQ Canadian Notes and Queries CXY Canadian Oxy CWB Canadian Wheat Board CZC Canadian Zebra Corporation CZN Canadian Zinc CZG Canal Zone Government CZP Canal Zone Police CNL Cancel CXL Cancel CXD Cancel Approved Departure CXA Cancel Arrival CTO Cancelled To Order CPF Cancer Potency Factor CXZ Can-Ex Resources CPV Canine ParvoVirus CVB Canonical Valence Bond CRL Canonicus Regularis Lateranensis trans: Canon Regular of the Lateran CRS Can't Remember Squat CYN Canyon CQP Capacitor Qualification Program YUZ "Cape Hooper, Northwest Territories" CGH Cape of Good Hope CZE Capillary Zone Electrophoresis CZX Capillary Zone Yield CZY Capillary Zone Yield CGT Capital Gains Tax CRF Capital Recovery Factor CTT Capital Transfer Tax CRD Capstone Requirements Document CYW Capture Your World CFR Capuchin Franciscans of the Renewal CLM Car Location Message CAR carat CBZ carbobenzyloxy CHV Card Holder Value CVC Card Validation Check CPR CardioPulmonary Resuscitation CRY Care and Relief for the Youth CJR Career Job Reservation CGO cargo CPY Cargo Preference Year CSY Caribbean Sailing Yachts CVQ Caribbean Vocational Qualification CZJ Carl Zeiss Jena JXI Carme astronomy-Jovian moon COK Carolina Orienteering Klubb CYY Carpita Corporation CXR Carrier CAG Carrier Air Group CBG Carrier Battle Group CVL "Carrier Vessel, Light light aircraft carrier " CVN "Carrier Vessel, Nuclear nuclear powered aircraft carrier " CHH Cartilage-Hair Hypoplasia CTN carton JAU Cartridge-Actuated Initiator military CSJ Case Study and Justification CBD Cash Before Delivery YXU Cash Component per Creation Unit CFQ Cash For Questions COD Cash On Delivery COH Cash On Hand CTJ Cash To Jump CVD Cash Versus Documents CWO Cash With Order CDG Cask Designers Guide CCR Cassette Camera Recorder CGP Catalog of Government Publications CBH Catalyst Bed Heater QCZ "Catanzaro, Reggio Calabria" CRO Cathode Ray Oscilloscope CRT Cathode Ray Tube CWV Catholic War Veterans CNB Caught aNd Bowled cricket CAV caveat CAZ Ceftazidime CRX Cefuroxime CXM Cefuroxime CEL celesta CTD Cell Transfer Delay CMI Cell-Mediated Immunity VCL cello from violoncello CCY Center for Creative Youth CEK Center for Education and Communication CFJ Center for Foreign Journalists [Reston VA] CJH Center for Jewish History CKM Center for Knowledge Management CKS Center for Knowledge Societies CKU Center for Kultursamarbejde med Udviklingslandene CQS Center for Quantitative Science CWM Center for Waste Management CWQ Center for Water Quality CGY Center of GravitY CGS Centimetre-Gram-Second CEN central CAO Central Applications Office CBJ Central Bank of Jordan CCG Central Commission for Germany CDX Central Data eXchange CEA Central Electricity Authority CEU Central Electronic Unit CET Central European Time CEC Central Executive Committee CFO Central Forecasting Office meteorology CIA Central Intelligence Agency CIB Central Intelligence Board CMF Central Meditteranean Force CMU Central Michigan University CMB Central Midwives Board CNS Central Nervous System CNY Central New York CNJ Central of New Jersey COI Central Office of Information CPM Central prayer meeting CPU Central Processing Unit CQX Central Quality Exchange CQU Central Queensland University CRP Central Reserve Police CST Central Standard Time north america CSO Central Statistical Office CUN Central University for Nationalities CYG Central Youth Group CZA Central Zionist Archives CHW "Central, Handy, Western high schools in Bay City School District " CTR centre CDD Centre for Digestive Diseases CDC Centre for Disease Control american CRH Centre for Remote Health CUH Centre for Urban History CHU Centre Hospitalier Universitaire CGG Centro Galileo Galilei CNAA CKJ Centrum Komputerowo Jezykowe CKZ Centrum koor Kwaliteitzorg CZV Centrum voor Ziekenhuis- en Verplegingswetenschap CSF CerebroSpinal Fluid CVA Cerebrovascular Accident CIH Certificate in Industrial Health CSS Certificate in Social Service CSE Certificate of Secondary Education CCN Certification Control Number CMM Certified Medical Manager CNX Certified Network Expert CNA Certified Nursing Assistant CQT Certified Quality Technician CVM Certified Vendor Memorandum CZS Ceska Zoologicka Spolecnost CZU Ceske Zemedelske Univerzity CZL Ceskoslovenske Zavody Letecke CCQ Chambre de Commerce du Quebec CXC Chandra X-ray Center CJU Chang Jung University COA Change Of Address CZQ Chaogaoya daidan Zidong Quingsao CWZ Chaos Wir Zukunft CHS chapters CPS Characters Per Second CHG charge CPT "Charge conjugation, Parity, and Time reversal particle physics " QEQ Charge Equilibrium CXS Charge Exchange Spectroscopy CXU Charge Spotting Bomb Unit CPW Charged Particle Weapon CCD Charged-Coupled Device CXH Charing Cross Hospital CHA charisma CJV Charlie O Beverage CVY Charlie-Victor-Yankee CIN Chart Information Network CCE Chartered Civil Engineer CII Chartered Insurance Institute CSD Chartered Society of Designers CSP Chartered Society of Physiotherapists CJG Chattanooga Junior Golf CHK Check CYU Check Your Understanding CBW Chemical and Biological Warfare CHE CHemical Engineer CJO Chemical Journals Online CSL Chemical Sewer Line CBR "Chemical, Bacteriological, and Radiation" CGZ Chemische Gesellschaft Zuerich CHY Chemistry UXK Chemistry apparatus and machines library cataloguing CHQ cheque CSX Chessie System eXpress railroad XAE Chi Alpha Epsilon National Honor Society CFW Chicago and Far Western railroad CTA Chicago Transit Authority DKC Chief Disbursing Clerk Naval Rating CEO Chief Executive Officer CKO Chief Knowledge Officer CNO Chief Nursing Officer CMJ Chief of Military Justice COS Chief Of Staff COO Chief Operating Officer CPO Chief Petty Officer CQO Chief Quality Officer CHC Child Health Clinic CSA Child Support Agency CYF "Child, Youth and Family" CYD Children and Youth Division CTW Children's Television Workshop CJN China Journal Net CXN China Xin Network CKX China-Korea Express CHO Chinese Hamster Ovary CJK Chinese Japanese Korean encoding standard for character set CHB Chirurgiae Baccalaureus latin CHM Chirurgiae Magister latin CUK Chirurgische Universitaetsklinik CFC ChloroFluoroCarbons groovy planet killing gases CCK CholeCystoKinin CEH Cholesteryl Ester Hydrolase CYO Choose Your Own CYQ Choose Your Question CIY Christ In Youth CES Christian Evidence Society CSB Christian Science Bachelor CWI Christian Witness to Israel CYI Christian Youth International CDU "Christlich-Demokratische Union German political party, the Christian Democratic Union " CJB Christlicher Jugendbund CKQ Christliches Krankenhaus Quakenbrueck CZB Christliches Zentrum Brig CZF Christliches Zentrum Forsthaus CZZ Christliches Zentrum Zuerich CNU Christopher Newport University YXY Chromaticity CKF Chronic Kidney Failure CHR Chronicles bible COE Church Of England CHZ Ciernohronska Zeleznica CIR circa COJ Circle Of Janus CKT circuit CEG Circuit card Expert Group CCJ Circuit Court Judge CGB Circuit Group Blocking message CGU Circuit Group Unblocking message CKR Circuit Reference CVP Circuit Virtuel Permanent CIT citation CAB Citizen's Advice Bureau ZXC City College of New York Library CEF City Electrical Factors COZ City of Zanesville CTC City Technology College CIV civil CAA Civil Aviation Authority CCB Civil Cooperation Bureau south africa CEX Civil Effects eXperiments CRM Civil Rights Movement CSC Civil Service Commission CSU Civil Service Union CCC Civilian Conservation Corps CJT Civilian Jeep Truck CLF Civilian Labor Force CMY Civilian Man-Years CMP Civilian Marksmanship Program CFY Clarify CBQ Class-Based Queueing CJQ Classic Jonny Quest CQG Classical and Quantum Gravity CUW Clean Up the World CWC Clean Water Commission CFB Clear Frequency Broadcast CLS CLear Screen CTS Clear To Send CLH CLearingHouse CSZ Clearly Seperated Zones CLK Clerk CPC Clerk of the Privy Council CXO C-level eXecutive Officer CKN Clinicians Knowledge Network KXO Clock Crystal Oscillator CKW clockwise CAS Close Air Support CRZ Close Reconnaissance Zone CUG Closed Users Group CIW Close-In Weapon CER Closer Economic Relations CJA Closet Jimmys Anonymous CLO clothing CLC Clover Leaf Cars CYV Clover Yellow Virus CIU Club and Institute Union CMK Club Muenchner Kyakfahrer CUQ Club Universario de Quilmes CXQ Club Xiang Qi CXB Clube de Xadrez de Blumenau CXP Clube de Xadrez de Petropolis CIJ Coalition for International Justice CNH Coalition for Natural Health CTF Coal-Tar Fuels CWF Coal-Water Fuel CGC Coast Guard of Canada CEJ Coastal Engineering Journal CUE Coastal Upwelling Experiment CZM Coastal Zone Management CKI Cockpit Kill Indicator CCL Code of Canon Law CIC Codex Iuris Canonici Code of Canon Law KHX Coefficient of Heat Transfer COP Coefficient Of Performance COG cognate CQE Cognizant Quality Engineer CJF Coherent Joint Fires CMO Collection Management Officer CAE College of Advanced Education CFE College of Further Education YYZ College of Lake County Illinois Murphy Memorial Library CRJ College Radio Japan CLN Colon COL Colonel CXF Color Exchange Format CWX Colorado Wireless eXchange Cooperative CSW Color-Segregated World CFK Colour Find Key CBS Columbia Broadcasting System CZR Columnar Zone Radius CBV Combat Breacher Vehicle CEV Combat Engineer Vehicle CPQ Combat Pistol Qualification CRN Combat Radio Net CVK Combat Vehicle Kill CVR Combat Vehicle Recognition CZW Combat Zone Wrestling CSR Combat-Stress Reaction CAX Combined Arms eXercise CCF Combined Cadet Force CHP Combined Heat and Power COC Combined Oral Contraceptive CTX Combined Training Exercise CBP Combustion By-Product CQD "Come Quick, Distress" CWH Coming of the great White Handkerchief CQQ Comissoes Qualificacao do Qualiop CAU Command Arithmetic Unit CLI Command Line Interrupt CMD "Command Pape fourth series, " CPX Command Post Exercise CDR CommanDeR CBE Commander of the British Empire CRE Commander of the Royal Engineers CVO Commander of the royal Victorian Order CTG "Commander, Task Group" CTU "Commander, Task Unit" CDO Commando CML commercial CDL Commercial Driver's Licence CUV Commercial Utility Vehicle CED Committee for Economic Development CPI Committee for Public Information CQJ Committee for Qualified Judiciary CQN Committee for Qualified Judiciary CAY Committee of Adults and Youth CDP Committee of Directors of Polytechnics CKB Commodore Knowledge Base CMN Common CAC Common Access Card CAP Common Agricultural Policy CBK Common Body of Knowledge CDB Common Data Base CFP Common Fisheries Policy CLX Common Lisp Xinterface CLB Common Logic Board CUF Common University Fund CUI Common User Interface CVI Common Variable Immunodeficiency CVE Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures CXI Common X-windows Interface CUA Commonly Used Acronym s CNF Commonwealth Nurses' Federation CIS Commonwealth of Independent States CEE Communaute Economique Europeenne French CTB Communication ToolBox CRG Communications Relay Group CCA Communist Control Act CPB Communist Party of Britain CDQ Community Development Quota CHN Community Health Nurse CSV Community Service Volunteer CDV Compact Digital CDA Compact Disc Album CDE Compact Disc Erasable CDI Compact Disc Interactive CDS Compact Disc Single CDZ Compact Disc Zone CDJ Compact Disk Jukebox CGV Compagnie Generale de Videotechnique CDY Companion Dog of the Year CMG Companion of the order of St.

George CIE Companion of the order of the Indian Empire COB Companion Of the Bath CNI Companion of the Nautical Institute CSG Companion of the order ofthe Star of Ghana COY Company CBX Company Branch telephone eXchange CSM Company Stage Manager CUO Compaq Users Organization CMW Compartmented Mode Workstation CLU Compatible Land Use CEP Compensatory Equipment Package CFT Complement Fixation Test CAK Complete Accessory Kit CJP Complete Joint Penetratation welding CKE Complete Kuula Edition CBU Completely Built-Up CKD Completely Knocked Down of goods for sale CXT Complexiteitstheorie CTK Composite Tool Kit CWU Composite Weighted Work Unit CPD compound CVH Compound Valve-angle Hemispherical-head CGL Comprehensive General Liability Insurance Policy CNG Compressed Natural Gas CVF Compressed Volume File WMZ compressed Windows Metafile- Microsoft file extension CKL Compromised Key List CCP Compte Cheque Postal postal order CIX Compulink Information eXchange CPN Compuserve Packet Network CAD Computer Aided Design CAQ Computer Aided Quality CVG Computer and Video Games CCO Computer Center Operator CCZ Computer Club Zutphen ICL computer company CGD Computer Game Developer CGI Computer Generated Imagery CGX Computer Graphics CGA Computer Graphics Adapter CGW Computer Graphics World CIG Computer Image Generator CIL Computer Integration Laboratories CJI Computer Jobs in Israel CNC Computer Numerical Control COM Computer Output on Microfilm ADA computer programming language after Ada Lovelace CRU Computer Resource Utilization CSI Computer Service Index CTI Computer Telephony Integration CXE Computer to External Environments Interface CUD Computer Underground Digest CUC Computer Users Committee CAI Computer-Aided Instruction CAL Computer-Aided Learning CAM Computer-Assisted Manufacture CBL Computer-Based Learning CBT Computer-Based Training CAT Computerized Axial Tomography CTM Computerized Tomographic Myelography CZO Computerized Zoning Ordinance CLR Computer-Language Recorder CLT Computer-Language Translator CHI Concentration Highway Interface CRW Conceptual Recoilless Weapon CUZ Conditional Use Zoning CEZ Confederacion de Empresarios de Zaragosa CBI Confederation of British Industry CHJ Conference of Historical Journals CFG Configuration CFN Confine CHL Confinement at Hard Labor CDH Congenital Dislocation of the Hip CHF Congestive Heart Failure CJM Congregatio Jesu et Mariae trans: Company XNZ Grist Mill Museum Library XOA Experimental Observation Amphibian Aircraft XOB Xanopinauta Oro de Brasilia XOC Xterra Owners Club XOD External Object Data XOE Experimental Observation Cessna Aircraft XOF Transmit OFf XOG Expedition Owners Group XOH Experimental Observation Helicopter XOI eXplodes On Impact XOJ Executive Office-Joint Matters XOK Exokernel XOL XML-based Ontology-exchange Language XOM Open X Object Management XON Transmitter On XOO Extended Operational Optimisation XOP X-rays Out of Plaster XOQ Example of Order Query XOR eXclusive OR logic gate XOS eXperimental Operating System XOT X.

YAA Yet Another Acronym YAB Yet Another Blog YAC Yeast Artificial Chromosome YAD You Are Dead YAE Yet another Apple II Emulator YAF Yankee Air Force YAG Yttrium Aluminum Garnet YAH You Are Here YAI Yet Another Interview YAJ You are joking!

YHN Your Humble Narrator YHO Youth Hostel Organisation YHP Your Home Page YHQ Yokogawa HeadQuarters YHR Yakima Herald-Republic YHS Yorktown High School YHT YacHT YHU Hucamp Mines YHV Yellow-Head Virus YHW Your Homework YHX Youth Hospitality Exchange YHY Youth Helping Youth YHZ Halifax, Nova Scotia YIA Youth In Action YIB Years In Business YIC NTSC video format: Y perceived luminanceI Q colour YID Y-Input Data YIE Yankee Invention Exposition YIF Your Incredible Future YIG Yttrium Iron Garnet YIH Western Yiddish YII Yes It Is YIJ Young Indiana Jones YIK International Kembit Youth YIL Yahoo!

Internet Life YIM Youth In Ministry YIN Youth Intervention Network YIO Youth Involvement Ontario YIP Young Inventors Program YIQ Youth Interplay Queensland YIR Year In Review YIS whY am I so Stupid? YIT Youth In Transition YIU Youth Issues Unit YIV Youth Internet Volunteer YIW Youth in Wilderness YIX Yahoo! YMC Youth Missionary Corps YMD Your Message Dated YME Young's Modulus of Elasticity YMF Young Musicians Foundation YMG Young Marble Giants YMH Young Moore and Henderson, P.

YMI Why Am I YMJ Yonsei Medical Jorunal YMK Yrkesgrupper mot Kaernvapen YML Why Markup Language YMM Your Mileage May YMN Youth Media Network YMO Yellow Magic Orchestra YMP Yucca Mountain Project YMQ Youth Ministry Quarterly YMR Yellow Mustang Registry YMS Yield Management System YMT Yanko Moto Tours Motorcycle Tour Company in Chile YMU Y-net Management Unit YMV Young Musicians of Virginia YMW You Might Win YMX Yokogawa Marex Limited YMY Your Message Yesterday YMZ Yard Management Zone YNA York Neurosurgical Associates, PC YNB Yardville National Bank YNC You're Not Coming YND Youth Networking Desk YNE Yugoslavia versus Netherlands YNF Yacimientos Naturalmente Fracturados YNG YouNG YNH Your Name Here YNI Yonkers Network, Inc.

YNJ YesNoJAPAN Corporation YNK Yngre Nuklearmedicineres Klub YNL You're Not Listening YNM You aNd Me YNN Youth News Network YNO Yeungnam Observer YNP Yellowstone National Park YNQ Yesterdays New Quintet YNR You have No Return YNS You Know Squat YNT Young Neurologists and Trainees YNU Yokohama National University YNV Why Envy? YNW You're Not Welcome YNX Upsilon Nu Chi YNY Young New Yorkers YNZ Yachting New Zealand YOA Youth Orchestra Association YOB Year Of Birth YOC Youth Opportunity Center YOD Year of Diversity YOE Youth Outreach Education YOF Youth Outreach Foundation YOG Yardcraft, Oiler, Gasoline naval vessel type YOH Your Own Hair YOI Young Offenders Institution YOJ Yankee Oscar Juliet YOK Ylioppilaskylaesaeaetioen Kylaeverkko YOL Yellow OnLine YOM Youth on Mission YON Fuel Oil Barge Non-Self Propelled US Naval Ship type YOO Youth Opportunities Office YOP Youth Opportunities Programme YOQ Your Own Question YOR Youth Opportunities in Retailing YOS Years Of Service YOT Yield Optimization Test YOU Youth Opportunities Unlimited YOV Yayasan Ohoivuur YOW Year Of the Wombat YOX Yttrium Oxide YOY You're On Your YOZ Youth Only Zone YPA Young Politicians of America YPB Yardcraft, Personnel, Barracks YPC Young People's Chorus of New York City YPD Yellow Page Directory YPE Your Planet Earth YPF Yellowstone Park Foundation YPG Young Pharmacists' Group YPH Young Professionals of Houston YPI Young People's Institute YPJ Yayasan Pendidikan Jayawijaya YPK Yayasan Panca Karsa YPL You're Probably Lost YPM Yellow Pages Media YPN You're Probably Nuts YPO Young President's Organization YPP Young Professionals Program YPQ Yale Political Quarterly YPR Young Person's Railcard YPS Yellow Pages Superhighway YPT Youth Protection Training YPU Yale Political Union YPV Youth Pride Village YPW Young Performers Workshop YPX Yeast-extract Peptone Xylose YPY Your Precious You YPZ Young People Zone YQA Yorkshire Quality Alliance YQB Quebec, Quebec YQC Yield Quality Control YQD Yi Quan Dao YQE Yquem YQF Prototype Drone Fighter YQG Windsor, Ontario YQH Young, Queer, and Homeless YQI YourQuest Internet YQJ North Africa YQK Youthquakers YQL YouthQuake Live YQM Yield Quality Management YQN Yorkshire Quality Network YQO Aylmer, Ontario YQP Quartz-Plagioclase Gneiss YQQ Comox, British Columbia YQR Year-Quarter YQS Young Quiet and Single YQT Thunder Bay, Ontario YQU University of Queensland Library YQV Yorkton, Saskatchewan YQW Yantai-Qing-dao-Wulian YQX Gander, Newfoundland YQY Sydney, Nova Scotia YQZ Quartz Mountain Resources YRA Yacht Racing Association YRB Youth Risk Behavior YRC Yorkshire Riding Centre YRD Youth Resources Division YRE You'RE YRF Y ReFerence axis reference point YRG Your Rocket Gallery YRH Yves R.

Hamel et Associes, Inc. YRI York-rite Research Institute YRJ Youth Riders Journal YRK York International Journal YRL Yellowhead Regional Library YRM Yahweh's Restoration Ministry YRN Yacht Racing Newsletter YRO Year-Round Operations YRP Youth Restoration Program YRQ Trois Rivieres, Quebec YRR Youth Retreat Resources YRS Years YRT York Region Transit YRU Why Are You YRV Young Rich and Violent YRW Young Researchers Workshop " DLB Deep Listening Band DRZ Deep Reconnaissance Zone DSV Deep Sea Vehicle DUB Deep Underground Basing DVT Deep Vein Thrombosis DCN Defence Communications Network DIA Defence Intelligence Agency DEF Defend DAD Defense Acquisition Deskbook DAU Defense Acquisition University DAG Defense Aerial Gunner DAH Defense Agency Head DFH Defense Family Housing DFR Defense Fuel Region DGM Defense Guidance Memorandum DIB Defense Industrial Base DII Defense Information Infrastructure DLI Defense Language Institute DLA Defense Logistics Agency DPR Defense Performance Review DSN Defense Switched Network DWM Defense Waste Management DGU Defensive Gun Use DQU Deganawidah-Quetzalcoatl University DJD Degenerative Joint Disorder DEG Degree s DGN Degrees Grid North DOF Degrees Of Freedom DEL Delaware DNG Delaware National Guard DHC Delayed Hydrogen Cracking DJE Delayed Job Entry DNC Delayed Neutron Counter DNM Delayed Neutron Monitor DTS Delerium TremenS DNY Delight New York DIQ Delivered Image Quality DFJ Delta Force Junkie DKE Delta Kappa Epsilon DYO Delta Youth Orchestra DHF Demand History File DPU Demand Processing Unit DMZ DeMilitarized Zone DEM Democrat DPJ Democratic Party of Japan DUP Democratic Unionist Party DDZ Demo-Digitalzaehler DHK Den Haag Koninklijke-bibliotheek DXQ Denominator times Quotient DHY Dental Hygiene DYR "Dentsu, Young and Rubicam" DAY Denver Archdiocese Youth DYP Denver Young Professionals DOM "Deo Optimo Maximo trans: DCK Device Configuration Kit DDI Device Dependent Interface DUT Device Under Test DUS Device Unified Services DEX dexterity DXM Dextromethorphan DXO Dextrorphan DEZ Dezember DHU Dhurga DKA Diabetes Ketoacidosis DKQ Diabetes Knowledge Questionnaire DVN Diabetesvereniging Nederland DYF Diabetic Youth Foundation DXR Diagnostic Reasoning DAZ Dial A Zipcode DSI Dial Services Interface DTF Dial Tone First payphone [Telephony] DTO Dial Tone Office DUN Dial Up Networking DBN Dial-Back Number DDU Dialog Data Unit DDV Dialog Data Validation DUL Dial-Up Line DBH Diamater Breast Height DJQ Diamond Jo Quarry DPH Diamond Pyramid Hardness DQD Diamond Quality Document DQR Diamond Quality Report DQJ Diamonds-Queen Jack DZQ Diaziridinylbenzoquinone DBT Di-Butyl Tin DUY Dicamay Agta DCZ Dichlorobenzene DDT DichlororDiphenylTricholoethane CCl3CH- C6H4Cl 2 DNB Dictionary of National Biography DNF Did Not Finish DGS Diego Garcia Station DHG Die-Hard Gamer DZL Diesel DGB Diesel Generator Building DHD Diesel Heavy Duty engine DIF difference DMR Differential Microwave Radiometer DQE Differential Quantum Efficiency DPV Differential-Pulse Voltammetry DXS Diffuse X-ray Scattering DDW Digestive Disease Week DAB Digital Audio Broadcasting DAP Digital Audio Processing DAT Digital Audio Tape DAV Digital Audio Video DAW Digital Audio Workstation DBC Digital Battlefield Communications DXD Digital by Digital DCC Digital Compact Cassette DCT Digital Control Transformer DXX Digital Cross Connect DXC Digital Cross-Connect DDD Digital Digital Digital recording technique DDH Digital Distributed Hardware DFX Digital Effects DEE Digital Electronic Engine DEO Digital End Office DXP Digital Exchange Product DFP Digital Free Press DGT "Digital Gene Technologies, Inc.

Salaries, Average Salary & Jobs Pay

DYJ Do Yourself Justice DYZ Dockyard Zone DCL Doctor of Civil Law DDS Doctor of Dental Surgery LLD Doctor of Laws legum doctor LJD Doctor of Letters of Journalism DMD Doctor of Medical Dentistry PHD Doctor of Philosophy DPM Doctor of Podiatic Medicine SCD Doctor of Science CHD Doctor of Surgery Latn: Chirugiae Doctor DVM Doctor of Vetinary Medicine VMD Doctor of Vetinary Medicine DBQ Document Based Question DDC Document Design Center DHE Document Handling Equipment DLS Document Library Services DRR Document Release Record DNI Documento Nacional de Identidad ID DBA Doing Business As DIY Do-It-Yourself DSR Dolby Sound Reduction DOL Dollar ZWD Dollar Zimbabwe ISO currency code DMO Domain Management Organization DNH Domain Name Handbook DNS Domain Name Server DAO Dominion Astronomical Observatory DAA Dominion Automobile Association DXL Domino XML Language DLJ "Donaldson, Lufkin, Jenrette [securities firm]" DYU DongYang University DKY Donkey DFB Don't Fight Back DKM Don't Kid Me DNJ Don't kNow Jack DKW Don't Know Why DMM Don't Mock Me DMN Don't Move Now DRY Don't Repeat Yourself chat rooms DTM Don't Time Me DWH Don't Walk Here DWU Don't Want yoU DOP Doppelganger DGV Doppler Global Velocimetry DZU Dorfzentrum Unterloisdorf DLR DOS LAN Requester DJA Dotation aux Jeunes Agriculteurs DLQ Dot-matrix Letter Quality DPI Dots Per Inch DRV Douay-Rheims Version of the Bible DDY Double DutY DLK Double Lined Kraft DPF Double Point Failure DZD Double Zeta Diffuse DZP Double Zeta Polarization DDB Double-Declining Balance DSD Double-Sided Disc DSA Doughnut Sufferers Anonymous DYH Dover Youth Hockey DJN Dow Jones Newswires DJT Dow Jones Transportation stock index DJU Dow Jones Utilities stock index VXZ Dowling College Library DWN DoWN DUZ Down Under Zone DUR Down Unloaded Restricted DYW Downingtown Young Whippets DTU Download The Universe DSK DownStream Keyer DSQ DownStream Quartz DVV Downward Vertical Velocity DOZ Dozen DZB DoZy Bugger DDJ Dr.

Dobbs Journal DHJ Draft Horse Journal DJP Dragon Jump Pack DBZ DragonBall Z Japanese anime DFK Drammen Flyklubb DWG Drawing DXE Drawing Exchange Engine DXF Drawing Exchange Format DWD DrawWorks Designer software package DCY Dream Catcher Yachts DTC Dream Theatre Content DGJ Drexler Guinand Jauslin Architects DPB Drive Parameter Block DDK Driver Development Kit DRA Driver's Right Away DUI Driving Under the Influence DWB Driving While Blond DWI Driving While Intoxicated DWY Driving While Yakking DKU Drop Kick Ugly DLZ Drop Landing Zone DEA Drug Enforcement Agency DNW Drug Network DFY Drug-Free Youth DCI Drum Corps International DBR Dual Band Radar DDA Dual Digital Audio DMX Dual Motorway eXtension DPA Dual Phone Adapter DPN Dual Processing Node DQG Dubai Quality Group DCU Dublin City University DFF Dublin Film Festival DGG Dublin Games Guild DIT Dublin Institute of Technology DUO Dublin Transportation Office DHM Duct Hardfacing Material KWS duff defunct British pop band DOE Duke Of Edinburgh's award scheme DUU Duke University Union DHX Dump Heat eXchanger DVF Dump Viewing Facility DMG Dungeon Master's Guide DHO Dunster Home Opera DZI Duo-Zone International DUQ Duquesne DQZ Duquesne Light Company DLV Duraguard Laminated Velvet KLM Dutch national airline DQB Dutch QSL Bureau DRC Dutch Reformed Church DYG Dutch Young Generation DTY DuTY DCM Duty Committee Member DSH Dye-Sensitized Heterojunction DYQ Dyna Glass DKR Dynamic Knowledge Repository DLL Dynamic Link Library DLC Dynamic Load Control DMK Dynamic Management Kit DYV Dynamic Vector DVP Dynamic Virus Protection DZS Dynamobau Zeichen Saal DYN Dyne look it up!

Long Medical Center EAD Earliest Arrival Date EID Earliest Induction Date ERY Early EEP Early Experience Program EFE Early Fuel Evaporation [See also Hawkman's Automotive Webspace] EIT Early Interface Test NIMA EIP Early Intervention Project ELH Early Life History EMB Early Morning Boner EPT Early Pregnancy Test ERX Early Registration Transfer EUE Early User Evaluation EUT Early User Test EWB Early Warning Broadcast EWL Early Warning Line EWN Early Warning Net EWR Early Warning Radar EYS Early Years of Schooling EYU Early Year's Unit EGR Earned Growth Rate ERA Earned Run Average baseball EVF Earned Value Function EVV Earned Value Verfahren ERS Earnings-Related Supplement EAS Earth and Atmospheric Sciences EXI Earth Experience International ESV Earth Satellite Vehicle EQK Earthquake ECV "Earthquake Controller, Vertical" EHZ Earthquake HaZard EQW Earthquake Warning EPY Easeful Peaceful Yoga EAJ East Africa Journal EAP East Africa Protectorate EAC East African Community EBN East By North EBS East By South ECQ East Circular Quay EEH East End Hospice EJR East Jersey Railroad EKR "East Kootenay Realty, Ltd.

Pierre" FKD Forked FEA Formal Environmental Assessment FQR Formal Qualification Review FQT Formal Qualification Test FKA Formerly Known As FLD Forming Limit Diagram FZG Forschungsstelle fuer Zahnraeder und Getriebebau FZB Forschungszentrum fuer Bodenfruchtbarkeit FZI Forschungszentrum Informatik FZJ Forschungszentrum Juelich FZK Forschungszentrum Karlsruhe FZL Forschungszentrum Lobeda FZR Forschungszentrum Rossendorf YXJ "Fort Saint John, British Columbia" FSJ "Fort St.

John British Columbia, Canada " FZH Fortbildungszentrum Hofen FFF Fortissimo very very loud FXV Fortran Extension for Vax FEU Forty-foot container Equivalent Unit FJJ Forum du Jeune Journaliste FKL Forum fuer Klanglandschaft FMK Forum MobilkommunikationFunktionskennzeichen FZV Forum Zdrave Vyzivy FZT Forum Zubniho Technika FAC Forward Air Controller FEO Forward Engagement Operations FHQ Forward HeadQuarters FLI Forward Looking Infared FLR Forward Looking Radar FOO Forward Observation Officer FSS Forward Supply System FUB Forward Utility Bridge FVM Forward Visibility More than miles FVW Forward Volume Wave FWL Forward Working Limit FOU Foundation FJB Foundation for the Junior Blind FYD Foundation for Youth Development FHU Foundation of Human Understanding FUW Foundation of University Women FDY Foundry FLA Four FCT Four Corner Test 4FCT FWD Four Wheel Drive FCH Fourier Color Hologram FGH Fourier-Grid Hamiltonian FQM Four-Quadrant Multiplier FGL Fourth Generation Language IVY Fourth Infantry FWJ Fourth World Journal FWM Four-Wave Mixing FXH Foxhound FIF Fractal Image Format FXZ Fractal Xtreme Zoom FYB Fractal Xtreme Zoom FDG Fractional Doppler Gate FGE Fractographic Examination FXK Fraesen Extension Kontur FSM Frame Service Module FSY Frame SYnc FPH Frames Per Hour FPM Frames Per Minute FWK Framework FEJ France Europe Jet FJZ Frank Joseph Zamboni KXZ Frank Twist Elastic Constant FQZ Frankenwaelder Querzone FGM Frankford Group Ministry FAZ Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung FKO Franz-Keldish Oscillations FXN Frataxin FOP Fraternal Order of Police FKW Frauen Kunst Wissenschaft FGZ Frauengesundheitszentrum FIZ Frauensinformationszentrum FRL Fraulein FHG Fraunhofer Gesellschaft Germany IZM Fraunhofer Institut fur Zuverlaessigkeit und Mikrointegration FPJ Freddie Prinze Junior FAS Free Alongside Ship FBZ Free Blocking Zone FBD Free Body Diagram FBE Free Buffer Enquiry FEN Free Electron Network FFZ Free Fire Zone FJE Free Jet Expansion FOC Free Of Charge FOK Free Of Knots FOB Free On Board FOQ Free On Quay FOR Free On Rail FPZ Free Port Zone FSF Free Software Foundation FTZ Free Trade Zone FUQ Free University Quarterly FVY Free Vietnam Youth FZA Free Zone Authority FZQ Free Zone Quarterly FXI Freedom of Expression Institute FWX Freedom Worx FFB Free-Fall Bomb FFD FreeForm Diagram FHD FreeHand Drawing FLJ Free-Lance Journalist FKV Freelance Koks Vereniging FJC Freely Joined Chain FWY Freeway FGJ Freezing Gas Jet FPT Freezing Point FZZ Frei Zur Zucht FDR Freie Democratishe Republic FDJ Freie Deutshche Jugend FMZ Freies MusikzentrumFunktionskennzeichen FAK Freight All Kinds FKK FreiKrperKultur german FBJ Freiman-Berger-Johnson bound FZW Freizeitzentrum West FZX Freizeitzentrum Xanten FHO "Fremde Heere Ost German Intelligence Evaluation Service, Eastern Section, WWII " BZH French Britanny FKP French Kommunist Party FNY French Navy FQB French Quarter Bar FGQ Freqent Gale Questions FQY Frequency FBV Frequency Bias Value FDM Frequency Division Multiplex FEK Frequency Exchange Keying FIO Frequency In and Out FOT Frequency of Optimum Traffic FSK Frequency Shift Keying FRQ Frequent FAQ Frequently Asked Questions FRE Frequently Requested Enhancement FTQ Frequently Tested Questions FZP Fresnel Zone Plate FKY Freundekreis Klassische Yachten FHP Friction Horsepower FRW Friction Welding FRI Friday FND Friday Night Disco FOF Friend Of a Friend FFN "Friend, Foe or Neutral" FFJ Friends For Jamaica FMH Friends Meeting House FJW Friends of Jackie Wilson FJM Friends of Johnny Mathis FOE Friends Of the Earth FKC Friends of the Kennedy Center FNZ Free how to trade in the stock market seminars philippines of the National Zoo FXQ Friends Xiang Qi FGP Frigate-General Purpose FZE Frischezentrum Essen FGU From the Ground Up FLQ Front 2005 ford f150 fx4 hp Liberation de Quebec Quebec Liberation Front FNJ Front National de la Jeunesse FOH Front Of House theatres FUJ Front Upset Jaw FEL Front-End Loader FAJ Frontier Adjusters of America FXW Frontier Xtreme Wrestling FYV Fructas y Verduras FGG Fruit Growers Group FRZ Fruity Religious Zealot FYK Frysk Ynterasjonaal Kontakt FJU Fu Jen University FJX Fu Jia Xis FEF Fuel Examination Facility FHC Fuel Handling Cell FIV Fuel Isolation Valve FQV Fuel Quality Value FQI Fuel Quantity Indicator FUM Fuel Unloading Machine FVD Fuel Vapor Detector FAX Fuel-Air eXplosive FAE Fuel-Air Explosive FQC Fuels Quality Control FQE Fuels Quality Engineering FVX Fujitsu Visual Explore FJL Fukushi Jukankyo Link FUL Fulcrum FBL Full Bell Lines FCL Full Container Load FDB Full Data Block FDX Full Duplex FDE Full Duplex Ethernet FFR Full Frequency Recording FMJ Full Metal Jacket FQG Full Quantity Generator FRC Full Rate Codec FRD Full Rate Deployment FSD Full Scale Development FSQ Full-Spectrum Quantization FTH Full-Time Hourly FUS Full-Use Standard FBU Fully Built-Up FXS Fully eXpanded System FFO Fully Functional Operations Deletion in binary search tree source code Fully Functioning Process FMQ Fully Mission Qualified FQD Fully Qualified Domain FQJ Fully Qualified Jerk FQU Fully Qualified Unit FHA Fully-Heated Area FKB Function Key Button FQX Function on Queues of Anything FJA Functional Job Analysis FOM Functional Operational Manager FQL Functional Query Language FRR Functional Review Report FTV Functional Technology Vehicle FVU Functional Verification Unit FWB Functional Well Being FEI Functionally Emulative Increment FIJ Fund for Investigative Journalism FKR Fung Keong Rubber FKZ Funktionskennzeichen FMD Funky Mellow Disco FLK Funny Looking Kid FXB FunXBox FZD Furazolidone FUR Furlong MFI furniture company FNX Furniture 'N' Xtras FFE "Furniture, Fittings and Equipment [in Architecture]" FUH Fuse Holder FOJ Fuse On-Jam FVR Fuse Voltage Rating FYU Fushigi Yuugi FAH Future Attack Helicopter FBY Future Budget Year FCA Future Coconut of America FFA Future Farmers of America FMA Future Mailing Address FMO Future method of operation FOS Future Operations Section How to earn money playing team fortress 2 Future Villain Band FWN Future World News FZU Fuz Hou University FZY FuZzY FZF Fyzikalni Zaklady Fotoniky GIM Gaining Inventory Manager GAL Galatians new testament GXY Galaxy Nutritional Foods GEM Galileo Europa Mission GGD Galizien German Descendant GPH Gallons Per Hour GPM Gallons Per Mile GGT Galloping Governors Toastmasters GYB Galveston Yacht Basin GDW Game Developers World GJO Game Junkie Online GGX Gamma Graphx GHB Gamma Hydroxy Butyrate GRB Gamma Ray Burst GRO Gamma Ray Observatory IYX Gamma Scintillation Camera GYT Ganaraska Youth Theatre GOF Gang Of Four GKY Ganga Kalyan Yojana GXN Fastest way to make bells in animal crossing city folk GKO Ganzheitliche Kieferorthopaedie GZM Ganzheitliche Zahn-Medizin GZJ Ganzjaehrig GKZ Ganzkoerperzaehler GDN Garden GWL Garden Writers mailing List GQT Gardener's Question Time GSG Garment Salesmens Guild GBB Gas Blow Back GCU Gas Charging Unit GCX Gas Chromatograh Transmitter GXK Gas Exchange Kinematics GFH Gas Fired Humidifier GPF Gas ProoF GTL Gas To Liquid [See also Hawkman's Automotive Webspace] GTA Gas Tungsten Arc GTC Gas Turbine Compressor GOX Gaseous OXygen GLC Gas-Liquid Chromatography GED Gasoline Engine Driven GVP Gasoline Vapor Pressure GGE Gasoline-Gallon Equivalent GKS Gaspar-Kohn-Sham QJZ Gaston Memorial Hospital Library GDV Gastric dilatation and volvulus GVX Gastric-branch Vagotomy GEJ Gastro-esophageal junction GUK Gate Unicode Kit GXI Gated Xray Imager GRJ Gatekeeper ReJect GWC GateWay Controller GNX Gateway Network eXchange GGP Gateway to Gateway Protocol GGK Gator Gardening for Kids GBM Gaussian Beam Model GLO Gaussian Lobe Orbital GOE Gaussian Orthogonal Ensemble GUE Gaussian Unitary Ensemble GWD Gaussian Wave-packet Dynamics GJQ Gauss-Jacobi Quadrature GLQ Gay and Lesbian Quarterly GAP Gay and Proud GDF Gaz De France [French Gas Company] GBX Gear BoX GJR Gebirgsjaeger Regiment GEZ Gebuehren Einzugs Zentrale GKJ Gedung Kesenian Jakarta GWZ Gee WhiZ GZR Geezer band GFC Gel Filtration Chromatography GPC Gel Permeation Chromatography GMY Geldanamycin GJX "Gem and Jewelry Exchange, L.

HGI Haven't Got Information QVQ Haverhill Massachusetts Municipal Hospital Library HIG Hawaii Institute of Geophysics HIX Hawaii Internet Exchange HKA Hawaii Kiteboarding Association HOT Hawaiian Ocean Time HLG Hawk Logistics Group HKM Hawthorne Key Management HFN Hayward Fault Network HQB "Hayward Quality Builders Camp Douglas, WI " HZD HaZarD HPI Hazard Potential Index HTW Hazardous and Toxic Waste HMR Hazardous Materials Regulations HZW HaZardous Waste HWC Hazardous Waste Coordinator HWE Hazardous Waste Engineering HWI Hazardous Waste Incineration HWO Hazardous Waste Operations HWP Hazardous Waste Programme HWU Hazardous Waste Unit HZJ Hazardous Zone Job HRE Hazards Research Equipment HZX Hazard-Unknown HDH HDLC Distant Host HBF Head Before Feet HMD Head Mounted Display HOM Head Of Media HOQ Head Of Queue HXQ Head pressure by Flow rate HDR Header HEC Header Error Check [ATM Forum] HEL Header Extension Length HDG Heading HHN Headline Hockey News HHB Headquarters and Headquarters Battalion HHC Headquarters and Headquarters Company HHU Headquarters and Headquarters Unit HQC HeadQuarters Company HQD HeadQuarters Detachment HQF HeadQuarters Force HQG Headquarters Garrison HQI HeadQuarters Installation HOI Headquarters Operating Instruction HQO HeadQuarters Operation HQP HeadQuarters Platoon HQT HeadQuarters Troop HQU HeadQuarters Unit HQA "HeadQuarters, Army" HQY "HeadQuarters, Yemen " HUM Heads Up Message HSA How to buy eastman kodak stock Analysis HUD Heads-Up Display HLT Health HHS Health and Human Services HSW Health and Safety at Work Act of HSE Health and Safety Executive HSO Health and Safety Officer HBL Health Based Level HHA Health Hazard Assessment HHE Health Hazard Evaluation HIN Health Industry Number HIA Health Insurance Associate HIE Health Insurance Enrollment HLN Health Libraries Network HMO Health Maintenance Organisation HNQ Health Needs Questionnaire HNE Health New England HPK Health Partners of Kansas HPB Health Protection Board HQL Health Query Language HSJ Health Service Journal HSQ Health Status Questionnaire HUC Health Unit Co-ordinator HUO Health Unit Operations HVO Health Volunteers Overseas HAH Healthcare Association of Hawaii HYE Healthy Years Equivalent HYA Healthy Young Attitude HDO Hearing Designation Order HBH Heartbreak Hotel HYU Heartland Youth University HHY Hearts and Homes for Youth HAZ Heat Affected Zone HDT Heat Distortion Temperature HEM Heat Exchanger Method HEN Heat Exchanger Network HXE "Heat eXchanger, External" HXI "Heat Exchanger, Internal" HBI Heated Biological Input HRW Heated Rear Window HTR Heater HCE Heater Control Electronics HOB Heater Outlet Box HFU Heat-Flow Unit [unit of geothermal flux] HEV Heavy HVY heavy HDY Heavy Duty HET Heavy Equipment Transporter HGV Heavy Goods Vehicle HLC Heavy Lift Capability HLH Heavy Lift Helicopter HMK Heavy Metal Kids HNX Heavy Nuclei Explorer HOA Heavy Observation Aircraft HTT Heavy Tactical Transport HUV Heavy Utility Vehicle HWR Heavy Water Reactor HDE Heavy-Duty Engine HDV Heavy-Duty Vehicle HJY Heavyweight Jacket-Youth HEB Hebrew QYZ Heerenveen Netherlands HGT height HXW Height by Width HTU Height of Transfer Unit HRF Height-Range Finder HZU Heilpaedagogischer Zusatzunterricht HTZ Heimtierzentrum HZF Heimwerkerzentrum HHI Heinrich Hertz Institut Machine Language HNI Heinz Nixdorf Institut HSN HEIS Sample Number HKH Helen Keller Hospital HKW Helen Keller Worldwide HKF Helgeson-Kirkham-Flowers HCJ Heliborne Common Jammer HAW Helicopter Assault Wave HAI Helicopter Association International HBD Helicopter Battle Damage HIR Helicopter In-flight Refueling HIS Helicopter Inter-Service HLZ Helicopter Landing Zone HNM Helicopter Noise Model HTA Helicopter Training Area HUX "Helicopter, Utility Experimental" HXM Helicopter-Experimental-Medium lift HJD Heliocentric Julian Date HID Helium Ionization Detector HNO Hell NO HDM Hellfire Dummy Missile HTM Hellfire Training Missile HFF Hellmann-Feynman Force HSS Helmet Sight System HFL Help File Lists HTE Help The Elderly HYN Help Your Neighbor HYR Helping Youth Rehabilitation HJK Helsingin JalkapalloKlubi [ Finnish Helsinki association Football Club] HLK Helsingin Lawn-Tennis Klubi HYO Helsingin Yhteiskunnallinen Opisto HYL Helsingin Yhterslyseo HYY Helsingin Yliopiston Ylioppilaskunnan HPY Helsinin Puhelin Oyj HKI HelsinKI [ Finnish abbreviation used in mail addresses] HQE Hemi-Quantal Equations HQM Hemi-Quantal Mechanics HMN Hemmings Motor News HLY Hemolysin HPX Hemopexin HCK Hemopoetic Cell Kinase HFZ Hen Free Zone HRR Henley Royal Regatta KXJ Henry Hill Correctional Center Library HAV Hepatitis A Virus HBX Hepatitis B Virus X HBV Hepatitus B Virus HMS Her Majesty's ship HGC Hercules Graphics Card HHT Hereditary Hemorrhagic Telangiectasia a hereditary blood disorder HXF Hereford and Friesian HXH Hereford and Hereford HXJ Hereford and Best martingale system forex HJH Heritage Junior Hockey HQZ Herkunfts- und Qualitaetszeichen Baden-Wuerttemberg HGF Hermite Gaussian Function HYS Herndon Youth Soccer HZO Herpes Zoster Ophthalmicus HPL Herrick Public Library [Holland MI] HRD Hertzsprung-Russell Diagram HKT Herzhaufte Kraeutertropfen HKK Herz-Kreislauf-Klinik HJP Hessische Jugendpresse HKG Hessische Krankenhausgesellschaft HLB Hessische Luftsportbundes HJV Hessischer Judo Verband HZQ Hessisches Zentrum fuer Qualitaetssicherung und Remington 597 replacement barrel for sale HTN Heterodyne HCW Heterogeneous Computing Workshop HLM Heterogeneous LAN Manager HBT Heterojunction Bipolar Transistor HMB Heteronuclear Multiple-Bond HMQ Heteronuclear Multiple-Quantum HQH Hetletved Quarter Horse HPJ Hewlett-Packard Journal HCH HexachloroCycloHexane HEX hexadecimal HBN Hexagonal Boron Nitride HXL Hexcel Corporation HXK Hexokinase HXG Hexylene Glycol HPZ Hidden Palace Zone HSM Hierarchical Storage Management HVQ Hierarchical Vector Quantization HGX "HieroGraphiX Productions, Inc.

HGP Infosys stock options employees Growth Promotant HNG Horny Net Geek HUF Horny Unattached Female HIJ Horological Institute of Japan HOS Hosea bible HEP Hospital what does otc mean in stock market Elderly Make money godaddy reseller HGY Hospital General Yaguee HTO Hospital Transfer Order HUQ Hospital Under Quarantine HUB "Hospital Unit, Base" HUH "Hospital Unit, Holding" HUS "Hospital Unit, Surgical" HNS Hospitality Network Service HNL Hospitality Newfoundland and Labrador HOY Hospitality Yukon HAP Host Access Protocol HAU Host Attachment Unit HMP Host Monitoring Protocol HOD Host On Demand HSP Host System Processing HNT Hostage Negotiating Team HRT Hostage Rescue Team HTQ Hostage Taker Quarterly HGD Hot Gas Diminution HGG Hot Gas Generator HTJ Hot Temporary Jobs HUP Hot Uniaxially Pressing HDN Hotel Discounts Network HEH Hotel Europaeischer Hof HRY Hotel Reservations Yugoslavia HVJ "Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten Hamburg, Germany " HSZ HotSpotZone HBJ Hougen-Bunker-Johns HRS Hours HJR House Joint Resolution HVH House Versus Home HEE Household Earnings and Expenditures HFC Household Finance Corporation HHW Household Hazardous Waste HHX Household Serial Number HIF Housing Inspection Foundation HJN Housing Justice Network HNZ Housing New Zealand HZI Housing-Zoning Inspector ZHO Houston Canada-BC location identifier HGO Houston Grand Opera HJM Houston Journal of Mathematics HZC Houston Zen Community HIW How It Works HOW Howitzer HWB Howitzer Battery HYH How's Your Health?

HYK Hoylake HZT Hrvatski Zavod za Telekomunikacije Croatian Institute of Telecommunications HNK Hrvatsko Narodno Kazaliste HZZ Hrvatskom Zavodu za Zaposljavanje HTX HTML Extention HWG HTML Writers Guild HBU Hub Bearing Unit [See also Hawkman's Automotive Webspace] HHH Hubert Horatio Humphrey former US Vice President HBC Hudson Bay Company HRM Hudson River Museum HSV Hue Saturation Value HSB "Hue, Saturation, Brightness" HVG Huettentechnische Vereinigung HAK Hugs And Kisses HML Human HBY Human Biology HCG Human Chorionic Gonadotropin HCI Human Computer Interface HFA Human Factors Analysis HFE Human Stock broker stockbroker Event HGM Human Genome Meeting HGN Human Genome News HGS Human Genome Sciences HGH Human Growth Hormone HIV Human Immunodeficiency Virus HIL Human Interface Link HJA Human Job Analysis HKE Human Knowledge Europe HLS Human Language System HNP Human Nucleotide Polymorphism HPV Human Papilloma Virus HRB Human Resources Board HRN Human Resources Need HRO Human Resources Office PRH Human Resources Partnership HRQ Human Rights Quarterly HSF Human Space Flight HVS Human Visual System HJJ Humanistisch Jeugd- en Jongerenwerk HUR Humanitarno Udruzenje Roma HJF Humboldt Juggling Society HLO Humboldt Light Opera Company HSU "Humboldt State University [Arcata, CA]" HNU Hunan Normal University HMY Hundred Million Years HYW Hundred Years War CWT Hundredweight HEJ Hungarian Electronic Journal HUE Hungarian Exporter HJO Hungry Jack Outfitters HUK Hunter-Killer HBQ Huntington Brass Quintet HUW Hurricane Watch HWN Hurricane Watch Net HYB Hybrid HMA Hybrid Microelectronics Assembly HNN Hybrid Neural Network HYD Hydraulic HGE Hydraulic Grade Elevation HKX Hydraulic Kits for Excavators HPU Hydraulic Pumping Unit HCX Hydrocarbon Extraction HCL HydroChloric Acid HOC Hydrofoil Ocean Combatant HXX Hydrogen Exchange Experiment HXY Hydrogen Exchange Yield HWQ Hydrology and Water Quality HMU Hydromechanical Unit HMZ Hydrometalurgicke Zavody HYX Hydrometeorological Data BQH Hydroxy-Benzoquinone HCQ Hydroxychloroquine HYZ Hydroxyzine HSK Hylleraas Scherr Knight HYP hypertension HVV Hyper-Velocity Vehicle HVW Hyper-Velocity Weapon HJI Hyphenation and Justification Interval HXO Hypohalous acid HVB Hypovereins Bank HXN Hypoxantine HYQ HyTime Query Language IBD I Back Down IBI I Believe It ICJ I Can't Jump ICM I Can't Move IDC I Don't Care IDK I Don't Know IDS I Don't See IDT I Don't Think so IDU I Don't Understand IGI I Give In IYQ I Like Wike You ILI I Like Ike ILY I Love You ILU I Love You U IMU I Miss yoU ICQ i seek you ITY I Thank You IWM I Want Money IWU I Want yoU IWH I Was Here IVZ Ibbenbuerener Volkszeitung ZYJ Ida Coppenbarger School Library IFO Identified Flying Object ILC Idle Load Compensator [See also Hawkman's Automotive Webspace] IIT IDX Institute of Technology NRG ie.

Albritton famous broadcaster in US, founder of WJLA-TV " JHP Jacketed Hollow Point JCZ Jackie Chan Zone JQK Jack-Queen-King JCC Jackson Community College JNL Jackson National Life Insurance JNV Jackson Nugent Vintners JTU Jackson Turbidity Unit ZLQ Jacksons Bay New Zealand ZJX Jacksonville Air Route Traffic Control Center JSU Jacksonville State University JUU Jacksonville University Union JKJ Jacob Koppel Javits JHV Jacobetti Home for Veterans JCG Jacobi Conjugate Gradient JSI Jacobi Semi-Iterative JNH Futures and options introduction to equity derivatives Nursing Homes JBG Jadgbombergeschwader FRG JGK Jaeren Golfklubb JIY Jaffari Islamic Youth JXK Jaguar Experimentalth generation JFV Jahrbuch fuer Volksliedforschung JZT Jahrzeiten JFX Jakarta Futures Exchange JGC Jakarta Golf Club JIX Jakarta Internet Exchange JJM Jakarta Job Market JSX Jakarta Stock Exchange JLJ Jalantol Lingkarluar Jakarta Fractal formula stock market analysis of prime indianapolis Jamaica Baptist Union JBM Jamaica Bauxite Mines JTA Jamaica Teachers Association JMD Jamaican Dollar JKZ Jamarski Llub Zeleznicar JXJ James and James publishers JBL James Bullough Lansing audio JIK "James I, King of England" JJC James Jones Company JJQ James Joyce Quarterly JMU James Vba call function argument not optional University JTQ James Taylor Quartet JWQ James Watt Queensway JYP James Youth Program JYC Jamestown Yacht Club JYL Jamestown Youth League JKX Jamie Kennedy Experiment JKQ Jamiyah Khadamatil Quran JMK Jamska JDU Jane's Defence Upgrades JDW Jane's Defence Weekly JAN January JEX Japan Airline Express JKP Japan and Korea Program JBR Japan Best Rescuesystem JCJ Japan Congress of Journalists JEF Japan Economic Foundation JEY Japan Encounter for Youth JFB Japan Federation of The Blind JFA Japan Fisheries Agency JGA Japan Gas Association JGU Japan Geomorphological Union JGN Japan Gigabit Network JHN Japan Hotel Network JIJ Japan Industrial Journal JII Japan Information Infrastructure JIN Japan Information Network JIL Japan Institute of Labor JIS Japan Institute of Standards JJF Japan Juggling Federation JKF Trade international stocks fidelity Karate Federation JKO Japan Karate-do Organization JKR Japan Karate-do Ryobu-kai JKA Japan Keirin Association JKC Japan Kennel Club JMA Japan Management Association JNC Japan Nuclear Cycle Development Institute JQN Japan QOL net JSB Japan Satellite Broadcasters Inc.

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JSV Japan Silver Volunteers Inc JTY Japan Times Yokohama JTI Japan Tobacco International JUS Japan Unix Society JWX Japan Weather Exchange JWE Japan Wind Ensemble JYH Japan Youth Hostels JYV Japan Youth Volunteers JUV "Japan, USA and Vietnam" JEI Japana Esperanto Institute JEJ Japana Esperanto-Junularo JFD Japanese Typing work at home mumbai of the Deaf JGY Japanese Gay Youth JGL Japanese Gays and Lesbians JJN Japanese Journal of Nursing JJO Japanese Journal of Ophthamology JJP Japanese Journal of Physiology JLE Japanese Language Enveronment JLI Japanese Language Institute JLK Japanese Language Kit JLS Japanese Language System JNA Japanese Nursing Association JPO Japanese Patent Office JTH Japanese Traditional House JVR Japanese Voltage Reducer JWS Japanese Women in Sport JWP Japanese Word Processor JXS Japanese XAFS Society JPY Japanese Yen JYX Japanese Yen Exchange JNP Jasper National Park JWF Jastrow Wave Function JKL Jaunuju Konservatriu Lyga JCK Java platform Compatibility Kit JAI Java Advanced Imaging JXA Java and Ada JCW Java Callable Wrapper JXR Java Cross-Reference JXD Java Crossword Designer JCE Java Cryptographic Extension JDO Levi jeans stock symbol Data Object JDC Java Developer Connection JDJ Java Developers Journal JGF Options and futures option trading strategies ebook Grande Forum JMX Java Management eXtensions JMF Java Media Framework JMQ Java Message Queue JMS Java Message Service JMM Java Multi-Meter JNI Java Native Interface JNT Java Network Technology JOX Java Objects in XML JPX Java Plus XML JQV Java Quality Value JQD Java Query Designer JQX Java Query Exchange JQB Java Question Book JSP Java Server Pages JTK Java ToolKit JTS Java Transaction Service JVG Java Vector Graphics JVM Java Virtual Machine JXO Java XML Object JXQ Java XML Quarterly JXT Java XML Toolbox JXU Java XML Unit JXV Java XML View JXW Java XML Word JZQ Java Zero Query JAX "Java, Apache, and XML" JZX Java-based Sinclair ZX emulator JXL Java-Excel JVN Javanese JPQ Java-Powered Queueing JRY Jawahar Rozgar Yojana JNU Jawaharlal Nehru University JFW Jaws For Windows JAZ "jaz format disc drive, meaning unknown" JAH Jazz After Hours JZH Jazz Hour JMY Jazz Music Yesterday JZZ JaZz Zone JZM Jazzman Resources JWB J-base Web Builder JJR Jean-Jacques Rousseau JMJ Jean-Michel Jarre ZJF Jebel-ali Free Zone ZJS "Jeep Grand Cherokees, " JKD Jeet Kune Do JCH Jefferson County Hospital JGH Jefferson General Hospital JGQ Jefferson Grant Quintet JLO Jennifer Lopez JLH Jennifer Love Hewitt QKJ Jennu Kurumba language JER Jeremiah old testament JOW Jerk of the Week JSH Jersey Shore Hospital JBK Jerusalem Bible-Koren JQF Jerusalem Quarterly File JVP Jerusalem Venture Partners JDM Jesse Duplantis Ministries JCF Earn legitimate money internet Joint European Submicron Czarina foreign exchange valero contact number Initiative Common Stock options scottrade JEV Jesuit European Volunteers JRS Jesuit Refugee Service JRH Forex dealers dwarka Retreat House JLX Jesuiten Lexikon IHS Jesus original printing IHS JFH Jesus Freak Hideout JLY Jesus Loves You JOY 1 hour market pulse binary options Offers You JOK Jesus Orienteering Klubb JTJ Jesus To Japan JVV Jesus Verbindet Volker JJY "Jesus, Journey, and You" JAL Jet Approach Landing JBD Jet Blast Deflector JBP Jet Boat Performance JFI Jet Flight Information JGO Jet Grind Online JPL Jet Propulsion Laboratory JXM Jet-X Millennium JBV Jeugbuitenverblijven JFN Jeugd Filatelie Nederland JGZ Jeugdgezondheidszorg Two tails market/eatery woodstock il Jeugdnatuurwacht JNQ Jeune Notariat du Quebec JVY Jeunesse Volontaire de Yopougon JWL Jewel JBT Jewelers Board of Trade JDD Jewellery Design Development JFR Jewish Foundation for the Righteous JFJ Jewish Fund for Justice JGS Jewish Genealogical Society JGB Jewish Guild for the Blind JHE Money exchange rates kenya Home for the Elderly JNF Jewish National Fund JQS Jewish Quality Singles JRI Jewish Records Index JSQ Jewish Studies Quarterly VXJ Jewish Theological Seminary of America Library JUF Jewish United Fund JVL Jewish Virtual Library JVS Jewish Vocational Service JWV Jewish War Veterans JWD Jewish Watchdog JWW Jewish Webnet Week JWI Jewish Women International JWA Jewish Women's Archive JWN Jewish Women's Network JAP Jewish-American Princess JYZ Jia Ying Zhou city JKK Jidosha Kiki Kaisha JRW Jig Raw Image JVW Jimmy's Value World JJH Jin Jiang Hotel JXH Jing Xi Hotel JZJ Jing Zhi Jie JRZ Jitter Ring Zone JZG Jiu Zhai Gou JAC Job Assistance Center JCV Job Component Validation JCQ Job Content Questionnaire JCA Job Control Administrator JCN Job Cost Number accountancy JDV Job Deck View JDF Job Description Form JDQ Job Documentation Questionnaire JES Job Bonus no deposit forex metal System JFT Job File Table JHA Job Hazard Analysis JHB Job Hazard Breakdown JIM Job Information Memorandum JIQ Job Information Questionnaire JKT Job Knowledge Test JML Job Material List JOE Job Openings for Economists JOB Job Opportunities for the Blind JPM Job Performance Management JPF Job Planning Form JQI Job Quality Index JQO Job Query Opening JRQ Job Requirements Questionnaire JSA Job Safety Analysis JTD Job Task Data JTP Job Training Package JTM Job Transfer and Manipulation JCL Job-Control Language computing JEE Job-Employee-Employer Model JWK Jobless White Kids JLT Jobs and Labor Turnover JFG Jobs for Florida's Graduates JKG Jobs for Kentucky's Graduates JWJ Jobs With Justice JSO Job-Specific Orientation JSJ Jodeit Schelmztecknik Jena JQJ Joder Que Juegos JGJ Joenkoeping Gripensbergs Jaernvag JYK Joensuun Yhteiskoulun JHC Joffna Hindu College JVO Johan van Oldenbarnevelt passenger liner JKU Johannes Kepler University JUH Johanniter Unfallhilfe medical help organisation JCY John C Yesno Education Centre JCU John Carroll University FXJ John Fairfax JHK John H.

Kallenburger JHF John Hancock Financial Services JKV John Knox Village JLF "John Lemmon Films, Inc. Doctor of Canon, or Civil, Law " JTW Jurisdictional Transfer Workgroup JDY Jury Duty JQQ Just a Quick Question JUQ Just a Useless Question JAA Just Another Acronym JAE Just Another Explanation JAF Just Another Fight JAJ Just Another Joke JAO Just Another Observer JAY Just Another Youth JBN Just Be Natural JBY Just Be Yourself JBC Just Because I Can JDI Just Do It JFF Just For Fun JFK Just For Kicks JFL Just For Laughs JFM Just For Me JFO Just For Openers JFU Just For Us JFY Just For You JIC Just In Case JIE Just In Explanation JIT Just In Time JJG Just Jazz Guitar JKM Just Keep Moving JKI Just Kill It JNY Just Not Yet JND Just Noticeable Difference JOJ Just Off the Jet JPW Just Plain Weird JSY Just Say Yes JWU Just When yoU JYT Just Your Type JST justice JVU Justice and Victims Unit JWM Justice and Witness Ministries JDG Justice Design Group JKE Justice Knowledge Exchange JKN Justice Knowledge Network JPU Justice Programs Unit JUG Justice Under God JCO Justification for Conditional Operation JMN Justification for Mission Need JNS Justification for New Start JAM Justified Ancients of Mummus JVZ Justitieele Verslavingszorg JBZ Justitio en Binnenlandse Zaken JLU Justus Liebig Universitaet JQH Jutlands Quarter Horse JDH Juvenile Detention Home JJI Juvenile Justice Initiative JJU Juvenile Justice Unit JOU Juvenile Offenders Unit JVQ Juvenile Victimization Questionnaire JXG Juvenile Xanthogranuloma JRN Juventud Renovacion Nacional JYU Jyvaekylaen University JYY Jyvaelkylaen Yliopiston Ylipilaskunta JKY Jyvaeskylaen Kirjatyoentekijaein KCO Kaashidhoo Climate Observatory KQK Kable Quake Killers ABK "Kabri Dar, Ethiopia ABK " KQF Kabuki Quantum Fighter KVW Kaffe Veredelungs Werk Stock broker stockbroker Kahayan KZQ Kaike language QKQ Kaimbe KLU Kaiser Aluminum Corporation KBD Kaiser Broadcasting Detroit KBS Kaiser Broadcasting System radio network KEO "Kaiser Electro-Optics, Inc.

Securities dealer" KNO "Keel- Neus- en Oorheelkunde " KAC Keep America Connected KDW "Keep Digging, Watson" KHW Keep Hawaii Wild KIT Keep In Touch KIB Keep Iowa Beautiful KKB Keep Knoxville Beautiful KTB Keep Texas Beautiful KTZ Keep the Zoo Committee KTR Keep Them Rolling KVO Keep Vein Open KYH Keep Your Head KYJ Keep Your Job Exchange rvx stock toronto trading Keep Your Nick KLX Keeper Linux KPS Keeper of the Privy Seal KFH Keeping Families Healthy KII Keeping Independents Independent KTF Keeping The Faith KIM Keep-In-Memory KUC KEEPRITE Unit Cooler KSY Kehilat She'ar Yashuv KAZ Keio Advanced ZEV Zero Emissions Vehicle KBB Kelley Blue Book KKN Keluarga Kudus Nazaret KRQ Kema Registered Quality KUI Kemija u Industiriji KQG Kempenfelt Quilters' Guild KDO Kempense Darts Organisatie KPC "Kenai Peninsula College, Alaska" KIW Kenan Institute in Washington KHN Kendall Hill Nursery KVR Kenilworth Vehicle Rental Company KSV Kenmac Steam Vaporizer KKI Kennedy Krieger Institute KSC Kennedy Space Center KHR Kennedy Space Center Historical Report KVY Kennedya Y potyvirus KLG Kennelm Lee Guinness auto parts KHT Kensington Housing Trust KVC Kensington Valley Conference KWW Kent and the Wider World KBG Kent Bat Group KEF Kent Engineering and Foundry loudspeakers KIJ Kent International Jamboree KKA Kent Korfball Association KSU Kent State University KWT Kent Wildlife Trust KYP Kentriky Yperesia Plerophorion KCU Kentuckiana Choral Union KAR Kentucky Association of Realtors KBA Kentucky Broadcasters Association KCA Kentucky Conservatory of Arts KCG Kentucky Contest Group KDE Kentucky Department of Education KER Kentucky Equine Research KFG "Kentucky Financial Group, Inc.

LTB Last Trunk Busy LYM Last Year's Model LKW LastKraftWagen [German: Willscher Urology Center MAX Maximum MXI MaXImum MXA MaXimum Acceleration MDR Maximum Desired Result MXF MaXimum Frequency MGW Maximum Gross Weight MGQ Maximum Guaranteed Quantity MOL Maximum Operating Level MQD Maximum Quality Distillate MXQ Maximum Queuing MRQ Maximum Release Quantity MSV Maximum Safe Velocity MSW Maximum Shipping Weight MSY Maximum Sustainable Yield MTU Maximum Transmission Unit MUF Maximum Usable Frequency MPJ May Present to Jury MKA Maybe Known As MNY Maybelline New York MJM McGill Journal of Medicine MIJ "Meaconing, Intrusion, and Jamming" MRE Meals Ready to Eat MHW Mean High Water MLW Mean Low Water MBG Mean-Bearing Grouping MMR Measles Mumps and Rubella vaccine MQJ Measurement Quality Jumper MQO Measurement Quality Objective MTK Measurement Table Kit MOO Measures Of Outcome MCM Mechanical Current Meter MVR Mechanical Vapor Recompression MDO Mechanized Desert Operations MTR Mechanized Time Reporting MUV Mechanized Utility Vehicle MZH Mechatronik-Zentrum Hannover MII Media Independent Interface TDK media manufacturers MTG Media Task Group MVF Media Viability Fund MXM Media Xchange Manager MZT Media Zone Tray MCA Median Case Analysis MAA Medical Assistance Administration MXS Medical Exchange Solutions MOH Medical Officer of Health MRC Medical Research Council MWI Medical Waste Incinerator MWL MedicaMunicipal Waste Leachate YXH "Medicine Hat, Alberta" MKN Medienkompetenznetzwerk MAG Medium Assurance Guard MEO Medium Earth Orbit YTM Medium Harbor Tug MLV Medium Launch Vehicle MWB Medium Wheel Base MWV Medium-Wave Voices MZB Medizinische Zentralbibliothek MYM Meet Your Maker chat MEG Mega Evil Grin MCS MegaCycles per Second MEV Mega-ElectronVolt MHZ Megahertz MWE MegaWatt Electric MZX Megazeux MHK "Meisterschule fuer Handwerker, Kaiserslautern" MSH Melanocyte-Stimulating Hormone MKK Melbourne Kyokushin Karate MJH Melissa Joan Hart MBQ Melody Boys Quartet MPT Melting Point MBR Member MEP Member of European Parliament MBE Member of the British Empire MHR Member of the House of Representatives in the US and Australia MJI Member of the Institute of Journalists MLA Member of the Legislative Assembly MLC Member of the Legislative Council MPP Member of the Provincial Parliament MQG Member of the Quiet Group MVO Member of the Victorian Order MQB Membership Quality Board MOP Memorandum Of Policy MOU Memorandum Of Understanding MPO Memorandum Purchase Order MAK Memory AcKnowledge MXT Memory Expansion Technology MMU Memory Management Unit MQH Memory Queue Handler MTD Memory Technology Driver MTH Memory Translator Hub MIB Men In Black MIY Men In Yellow MVG MengenVerbrauchsGuttern German: Cz Jabber Server NXC Netlinx Card NDD NetWare Directory Database NUK Netwerk und Know-how NAG Network Architecture Group NAU Network Attachment Unit NBX Network Business Exchange NDC Network Data Collection NDL Network Database Language NDF Network Definition Facility NDU Network Device Utility NEF Network Element Function NEI Network Equipment Identifier NXL Network Exchange Limited NXW Network Expander NXU Network Extension Unit NFS Network File Server NFD Network Flow Diagram NIA Network Information Access NIR Network Information Registry NIO Network Input NIT Network Integration Test NJE Network Job Entry NJM Network Joint Management NKS Network Knowledge Server NMA Network Management Architecture NMC Network Management Center NMF Network Management Forum NMX Network Modular Extension NNM Network Node Manager NNX Network Numbering eXchange NXX network numbering exchange NOC Network Operations Center NPE Network Planning and Engineering NPT Network Planning Tool NQE Network Queueing Environment NQX Network Queueing Extension NRM Network Reference Model NSG Network Services Group NSI "Network Solutions, Inc.

Oblate of Mary Immaculate OSC Oblatus Sancti Caroli trans: QOM Question Of the Month QOW Question Of the Week QEZ Questionable Economic Zone QHQ Question-Hypothesis-Question QSP Questionnaire for Sensitive Position QEX Questions EXtended QYU Queue QCB Queue Control Block QXE Queue Execution Equation QXI Queue eXecutive Interface QZI Queue Zero Input QZO Queue Zero Output QZW Queue Zero Wait QTA Queued Terminal Access QPN Queueing Petri Nets QEY Queyu QQO Qui Quoi Ou QAT Quick About-Turn QXS Quick Access QAX Quick Access to X-ray QAZ Quick Access Zone QAF Quick Action Firing QAY Quick As You QBP Quick Back-Pedal QBT Quick Back-Track QBU Quick Back-Up QBO Quick Battle Orders QCV Quick Coupling Valve KQD Quick Defense for Kids QEJ Quick Economic Justification QEC Quick Engine Change QEB Quick Equity Builder QEA Quick Erect Antenna QEV Quick Exhaust Valve QXF Quick Expert Facility QXM Quick eXtend Mast QFA Quick File Access QFU Quick File Utility QFE Quick Fix Engineering QHK Quick Hitting Kaizen QIV Quick Image Viewer QIG Quick Installation Guide QIQ Quick Investigation of Quality QJP Quick Japanese Processing QJB Quick Job Bodge QJS Quick Jump Sideways QKC Quick Kanji Converter QKF Quick Key Function QKN Quick Keys News QLB Quick Like a Bunny QNE Quick n' Easy QPJ Quick Panel Jumper QPU Quick Pascal Units QPV Quick Picture Viewer QQT Quick Qard Technology QQN Quick Quake News QQA Quick Questions and Answers QRT Quick Ray Tracer QRF Quick Reaction Force QRH Quick Reference Handbook QXT Quick Transfer Trade QVV Quick Viewer Version QWN Quick Website News QZL Quick Zip Lite QQE "Quick, Quiet, Effective" QBK Quick-Build Kit QDV Quick-Disconnect Valve QFX Quicken File Transfer QQL Quicken Quotes Live QKW QuicKeys for Windows QKX QuicKeys X QGV Quick-Grip Vise QHH Quick-High Helper QWV Quickie Web-Voo QBJ Quick-lift Bevel-gear Jack QLW Quick-Link Wall-mount QLK QuickLinker QOF Quickness Of Foot QOB Quick-Opening Breaker QRI Quick-Righting Instrumentation QSH Quick-Set Hard QSC Quick-Setting Concrete QSG Quick-Setting Glue QTF QuickTime Format QTM QuickTime Movie QPQ Quid Pro Quo QLV Quiet Little Village QLR Quiet Longer Range QPE Quiet Personal Electronics QWO Quiet Waters Outreach QWK Quiet While Knitting ZQT Quiet Zone QAQ Quietly Asked Questions QKT Quietly Killing Time QLX Quik-Lok QKO Quiko ZQK Quiksilver Incorporated QGB "Quilter's Guild of the Bluegrass Lexington, Kentucky " QNM Quilter's Newsletter Magazine QGN Quimica Geral do Nordeste QIE Quimica Inorganica y Estructural QYB Quimica y Biologia QGX Quincunx Gold Exploration QBC Quincy Bike Club QLG Quincy Library Group QYH Quincy Youth Hockey QDZ Quinoleno-DiaZepine QQR QuinQuennial Review QHC Quinte Health Care QNY Quintessential New York QLJ Quinzaine du Livre Jeunesse QEE Quinzena de Engenharia Eletrica ZTQ Quioquitani y Quieri Zapoteco QMM Quit Madagascar Minerals QAD Quite A Design QBI Quite Bloody Impossible RAF flying conditions slang QQQ Quite Quick Question QWP Quite Well Presented QWB Quite Wide Berth QJH Quitman Junior High School QOJ Quiver Of Jasper QWZ Quiz QZM Quiz Master file extension QVN Quo Vadis Navigateur QED Quod Erat Demonstratum QEF Quod Erat Faciendum mathematics QOO Quorum Of One QMX Quotation Marks QYD Quotations from the Yale Dictionary QII Quotient d'Intelligence Informationnelle QDX Quovadx QQD Qurqirish Dragon QQW Qwik-Quote Workfile RHD Rabbit Haemorrhagic Disease RFN Race Fans Network RHK Racerhistoriska Klubben RXL Racing Experimental Liquid-cooled RDR Radar RCI Radar Coverage Indicator RDP Radar Data Processing RDO Radar Deployment Order RGM Radar Guided Missile RIE Radar Intercept Event RLS Radar Line of Sight RMO Radar Management Officer RNS Radar Netting Station RWR Radar Warning Receiver RWS Radar Warning System RLF Radially Localized wave Function RAH Radiation Alarm High RER Radiation Effect Reactor RGD Radiation Generating Device RRO Radiation Resistant Operator RWP Radiation Work Permit RXT Radiation Xray Therapy RZT Radiation Zone Training RZW Radiation Zone Work RUT Radical Urban Theory RYI Radical Youth Invasion Broken RAT Radio Astronomy Telescope RBN Radio Beacon RCK Radio ChecK QRL radio code: Do you have connection with Do you want to listen to Have you got anything for me?

Have you heard from How loud are my signals? How many telegrams have you got? How readable are my signals? I send with emissions class Shall I change my frequency?

Shall I send every word multiple times? Shall I send faster? Shall I send slower?


Shall I send VVV morse? What's the name of your station? What's the right time? When do you contact me next time?

Who is calling me? Kennedy US Senator RGU Robert Gordon University RYR Robert Yates Racing RAV Robotic Air Vehicle RQE Robust Quality Estimator RJS Rochester Japanese School RPO Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra RGX Rock Grip Excavator RNR Rock 'N' Roll RVL Rock Valley College Library RKT Rocket RHN Rockwell Hardness Number RMY Rocky Mountain Youth RQF Rodent Quarantine Facility RKZ Roemisch-Katholische Zentralkonferenz RCJ Rogatoris Cor Jesu RWU Roger Williams University RPX Role Playing Extreme RRS Roll Rate Sensor RYO Roll Your Own RSJ Rolled Steel Joist RTY Rolled Throughput Yield RMD Roller Map Display RCC Roman Catholic Church RYJ Romeo Y Julieta RTP Room Temperature and Pressure RMS Root Mean Square RKG "Rosenblatt-Klauber Group, Inc.

Joseph SWS Society of Wetland Scientists SWE Society of Women Engineers SYT Sod You Too SYJ Sod Your Justice SYQ Sod Your Question SGR Soft Gamma Repeater SXR Soft X-Ray SXC Soft X-ray Camera SXF Soft Xray Fluorescence SXT Soft Xray Telescope SCN Software Change Notice SDK Software Development Kit SEW Software Engineering Workshop SEX Software Exchange SGU Software Group Unblocking signal SWQ Software Qualification SQB Software Quality Board SQE Software Quality Engineer SQI Software Quality Improvement SQM Software Quality Management SQP Software Quality Program STN Software Transfer Notice SCS Soil Conservation Service SVE Soil Vapor Extraction SCX Solar Coronal X-ray SDV Solar Daily Variation SED Solar Energy Density SEF Solar Energy Flux SFD Solar Flux Density SHT Solar Horizontal Telescope SIP Solar Instrument Probe SNU Solar Neutrino Unit SXI Solar X-ray Imager SZA Solar Zenith Angle SHR Solar-Heat Reflecting SGC Solicitor General of Canada SGO Solicitor General of Ontario SSC Solicitor to the Supreme Court SGL Solid Gold Liability SIL Solid Immersion Lens SPE Solid Phase Electrolyte SSL Solid State Logic SWD Solid Waste Disposal SWH Solid Waste Handling SGF Solution Growth Facility OLE some sort of memory storage system SOM Somerset SHH Somerset Hills Hotel MOA something to do with target shooting accuracy SOB Son Of a Bitch FOD song by band Green Day SVH Sonoma Valley Hospital SBH Sophie B.

Hawkins American singer SRY Sorry SNX Sorting Nexin SZI Soul of Zero Intelligence SOX SOund eXchange SPL Sound Pressure Level SOU Source Operable Unit STH South QYJ South Brunswick New Jersey Public Library SCP South Celestial Pole SSE South South-East SSW South South-West SUO Southampton University Orchestra SEA South-East Asia SFC Southern Fried Chicken SMJ Southern Medical Journal SMU Southern Methodist University SPS Southern Pacific Santa-Fe railroad YUX Southern Yukaghir SOV Sovereign SUZ Soziologie an der Universitaet Zuerich SAN Space Age News SDN Space Data Network SFI Space Flight Instrumentation SFO Space Flight Operations SIR Space Imaging Radar SOC Space Operations Centre SRS Space Recovery System SBV Space-Based Visible SGX Spacecraft Glow Experiment SXX Spades Unknown IVA Spanish version of VAT SBT Spanning Binomial Tree SAG Special Activities Group SAS Special Air Service SBS Special Boat Squadron SDR Special Drawing Right economics SEZ Special Economic Zone SFX Special Effects SEB Special Enlistment Bonus SGM Special General Meeting SIB Special Investigation Branch SMF Special Mission Fund SNN Special Needs Network SPG Special Patron Group SPX Special Power eXtension SPV Special Purpose Vehicle SRI Special Refueling Instructions SWZ Special Watch Zone SKT Specialty Knowledge Test SPP "Species plural, biological term " SJX Specific Job Excess SWI Specific Work Instruction SCL Specification Change Log SSZ Specified Strike Zone SBW Spectral Bandwidth SPD Spectral Power Density SGA Spectrometric Gas Analysis SAU Spectrum Analysis Unit SXG Spectrum-X-Gamma SDJ Spiel des Jahres Jury SDY Spin Drawn Yarn SDW Spiral Density Wave SMM Spiral Mode Microstrip antenna SHY Spiritual Human Yoga SKB SPLat Knowledge Base SYK Spleen Tyrosine Kinase STO Split Training Option SHC Spontaneous Human Combustion SEL Spontaneously Emitted Light SPK "Spooky, Pukey and Kooky" SJJ Sport Jiu-Jitsu SLK Sport Leicht Kurz SMQ Sport Marketing Quarterly SUV Sport Utility Vehicle SUW Sport Utility Wagon SBJ Springfield Business Journal SYB Springfield Youth Baseball SYF Springfield Youth Football SQD squad SQN Squadron SXO Squadron Executive Officer SSO Squadron Signal Officer SQR square SQH SQuare Head SQX square multiplication SQY SQuidgY SNZ Squirrel Nut Zippers SCC St.

Columba's College SJU St. QZV Verein zur Qualitaetssicherung und Zertifizierung VUM Verein zur Unterstuetzung von Menschen VDO Vereinigte Deuta-Ota VEZ Vereinigte Edelstahlwerke Austria VEW "Vereinigte Edelstahlwerke, Austria" VEJ Vereinigung Europaeischer Journalisten VEU Vereinigung Europaeischer Unternehmensberater VJL Vereinigung Jugendburg Ludwigstein VJF Vereinigung Junger Freiwilliger VZE Vereinigung Ziergefluegel- und Exotenzuechter VAE Vereinte Arabische Emirate VMK Vereniging Milieubeheer Kunststofverpakkingen VSZ Vereniging Sterilisatie in het Ziekenhuis VKZ Vereniging van Kolibrizeilers VZU Vereniging van Zelfstandige Uitgevers VEV Vereniging voor Elektrotechnisch Vakonderwijs VOO Vereniging voor Openbaar Onderwijs VZZ Vereniging voor Zoogdierkunde en Zoogdierbescherming VZY Veri Zarflama Yoentemi VVG Verificaiton and Validation Group VVI "Verificaiton, Validation, and Inspection" VER Verification VCG Verification Control Group VMG Verification Management Group VNM Verification Not Made VRR Verification Requirements Review VFY Verify VBI Verify Bulk Input VUZ Verkehrs- und Umweltzentrum VBZ Verkehrsbetriebe Zrich public transport of Zurich VMZ Verkehrsmanagementzentrale VRZ Verkehrsrechnerzentralen VJD Verlag fuer Juristische Didaktik VIW Vermillion Iron Works VGZ Vermoegensverwaltungsgesellschaft Zuerich VFB Vermont Farm Bureau VJE Vermont Jazz Ensemble VYO Vermont Youth Orchestra VZC Vermont Zen Center VJH Vernon Jubilee Hospital VYF Vernon Youth Football VKU Verordnung ueber die Kontrolle von Unternehmenszusammenschluessen VCX Versatile Corgi Excellent VVP Versatile Voice Processing VRS verse s VKB Versicherungskammer Bayern VDD Version Description Document VKI Verteilte Kuenstliche Intelligenz VXF Vertex Family Radio VXR Vertex Repeater VAI Vertical Advance Increment VBG Vertical Banded Gastroplasty VBL Vertical Bloch Line memory device VBU Vertical BUrn VBO Vertical BurnOut VXH Vertical by Horizontal VFJ Vertical Fabricating Jig VFU Vertical Forms Unit VGK Vertical Garden Kit VGF Vertical Gradient Freeze VGI Vertical Gyro Indicator VQW Vertical Quantum Well VRP Vertical Radiation Pattern VRG Vertical Replacement Gate VSP Vertical Seismic Profile VSI Vertical Speed Indicator VTO Vertical Take-Off VTL Vertical Take-off and Landing VTA Vertical Test Assembly VWT Vertical Wind Tunnel VHQ Vertigo Handicap Questionnaire VRY Very VAM Very Awkward Maneouvre VBW Very Bad Wording VBA Very Basic Acronym VFT Very Fast Train VHB Very High Bandwidth VHE Very High Energy VHF Very High Frequency VHT Very High Temperature VHC Very Highly Commended VIP Very Important Person VLA Very Large Array system of US radio telescopes VLQ Very Large Quartet Barbershop Singing VLR Very Long Range VLW Very Long Wave VLF Very Low Frequency VLP Very Low Power VLT Very Low Threshold VND Very Nice and Devoted VOS Very Old System VOP "Very Oldest Procurable of brandy, port, etc.

Victoria, Empress and Queen " VMH Victoria Medal of Honour VQG Victoria Quality Gyms VRI Victoria Regina et Imperatrix VUT Victoria University of Technology VUW Victoria University of Wellington VFA Victorian Football Association Australian VFL Victorian Football League Australian again VGR Victorian Goldfields Railway VON Victorian Order of Nurses VWA "Victorian Weightlifting Association, Inc.

WTH What The Hell? WYG What You Got WDY What's Driving You? WGO What's Going On? WOT What's On Television WUH What's Up Halifax WUD "What's Up, Doc? WYP What's Your Point? WYQ Whats Your Question? WYR Whats Your Reaction? WOF Wheel of Fortune WDU Wheelchair Drive Unit WJU Wheeling Jesuit University WMP Wheeling Medical Park WDE Wheels Drive Electronics WAE When Actually Employed WRU Where aRe yoU WQL While Quantities Last WRA Whippet Racing Association WYJ "Whiskey, Japanese" WCJ White Crane Journal WGN White Gaussian Noise WNH White Non-Hispanic WQK White-Quilled Korhaan WXZ Whitesword's Xena Zine WSN Whitewater Slalom Network WAY Who Are You?

WBV Whole Body Vibration WET Whole Earth Telescope WEQ Wholesale Electric Quadrant WOB Whore Of Babylon YUS whY are yoU so Stupid? WMQ Why More Questions? YUR Why You Are WSU Wichita State University WUT Wichita Union Terminal Railway Company WAM Wide Area Munition WAN Wide Area Network WXB Wide Expansion Bus WKP Wide Key Panel WLV Wide Load Vehicle WOA Wide Open Access WSL Wide Spectrum Language WVR Wide Vehicle Roadway WAL Wide-Angle Lens WAX Wide-Area Exchange WXM Wide-field Xray Monitor WHH Width at Half Height WXD Width by Depth WXH Width by Height WZP Widziane z Prawa WDV Wiener Darts Verband WKR Wiener Korporationsring WLK Wiener Lichtbildner Klub WLB Wiener Lokalbahnen WMK Wiener Modellbau Kompanie WPK Wiener Privatklinik WYF Wife WOS Wife Over Shoulder WWS Wife Wants Sex WDF Wigner Distribution Function WLE Wigner-Liouville Equation WWM Wigner-Weyl-Moyal WZA Wijn Zonder Alcohol WSO Wilcox Solar Observatory WAG Wild Ass Guess WNQ Wild North Queensland WFR Wilderness First Responder WKQ Wild-King-Queen WHI Wildlife Habitat Incentives WHT Wildlife Heritage Trust WUV Wildlife Underwater Video WVF Wildlife Volunteer Fund WLU Wilfred Laurier University WNB Will Not Be WON Will Of Nature WUW Willamette Urban Watershed WVH Willamette Valley Hospice WVV Willamette Valley Vineyards WJB William Jennings Bryan US politics WLF Williams Landel Ferry equation WMG Williams Media Group WNT Williams New Testament WUU Williamsburg Unitarian Universalists ZWI Wilmington WJS Wiltshire Junior Squash WND "Win, Notre Dame!

Northeast WYW Winding Your Way WTR Window To Russia WXT Windowed Xray Transform WAB Windows Address Book WBT Windows Based Terminal WCE Windows Consumer Electronics WFW Windows For Workgroups WIV Windows Image Viewer WMI Windows Management Instrumentation WMF Windows Media Format WMR Windows Media Recorder WMT Windows Media Technologies WMV Windows Media Video WOI Windows On Italy WSS Windows Sound System WUX Windows to UNIX WUG Windows User Group WWH Windows Web Hosting WIM "Windows, Icons, Mouse" WGD Windshield Guidance Display WIJ Wine Industry Journal WIG Wing In Ground WLW Wing Load Weight WOJ Wings Of Joy WNJ Winning New Jobs WOO Winning Over Others WJO Winnipeg Jazz Orchestra WJT Winnipeg Jewish Theatre WLT Wins Losses Ties WIN Winter WXG Winter Extreme Games WMC Winter Music Conference WMW Winterville Machine Works WKJ Winzerkapelle Jechtingen WSG Wire Service Guild WTB Wire To Board WTW Wire To Wire WEP Wired Equivalent Privacy WFM Wired For Management WFY Wired for Youth WAA Wireless Advertising Association WAP Wireless Application Protocol WXE Wireless Exchange Engine WLL Wireless Local Loop WML Wireless Markup Language WRX Wireless Matrix Corporation WNS Wireless Network Service WNL Wireless Networks Laboratory WOZ Wireless Online Zone WLX Wire-pulling Lubricant Wax WIS Wisconsin American WBY Wisconsin Basketball Yearbook WBH Wisconsin Bow Hunters Association WFV Wisconsin Family Voices WLC Wisconsin Lutheran College WLQ Wisconsin Lutheran Quarterly WNR Wisconsin Natural Resources WPR Wisconsin Public Radio WSB Wiser's Special Blend WHK Wissenschaftliche Hilfskraftstelle WHU Wissenschaftliche Hochschule fr Unternehmensfhrung WZU Wissenschafts Zentrum Umwelt WZB Wissenschaftszentrum Berlin WZW Wissenschaftszentrum Weihenstephan WKY Wistar-Kyoto genetics WEF With Effect From WRT With Respect To WWN With Winch WDN Withdrawn WGI Within Grade Increase WOE WithOut Equipment WOL WithOut Loss WOP Without Personnel WZH Witzenhausen WIZ WIZard WZQ Wizard's Quest WQJ Wizard's Quest Junior WZJ Wojewodzkich Zwiazkow Jezdzieckich WUF Woke Up Fast WUL Woke Up Late WTX Wokstation Technology eXtended format WYC Wolfsburg Yacht Club WXW Woman by Woman WDC Woman Detective Constable WDS Woman Detective Sargeant WOY Woman Of the Year WPC Woman Police Constable WIB Women In Black WID Women In Defense WIE Women In Engineering WGR Women In Government Relations WIH Women in Horticulture WAF Women in the Air Force US WLO Women Leaders Online WRJ Women of Reform Judaism WWP Women Writers Project WIC "Women, Infants and Children" WAO Women's Aid Organization WCH Women's and Children's Hospital WAC Women's Army Corps US WBB Women's Basketball WXC Women's Cross Country WEL Women's Electoral Lobby WEN Women's Environmental Network WXN Women's Executive Network WGQ Women's Golf Queensland WJF Women's Jazz Festival WJA Women's Jewelry Association WJE Women's Junior Epee WLA Women's Land Army historical WMU Women's Mission Union WPV Women's Police Volunteers WTN Women's Television Network WTA Women's Tennis Association WUJ Women's Union in Jordan WVE Women's Voices for the Earth WVB Women's Volleyball WVS Women's Voluntary Service WWD Womens Wear Daily WDL "Won, Drawn, Lost" WLD "Won, Lost, Drawn" WTL "Won, Tied, Lost" WHX Woodchuck Hepatitis X-virus WPZ Woodland Park Zoo WGH Woodstock General Hospital WFG Woodwind Fingering Guide WZD Woordenboek der Zeeuwse Dialecten WPI Worcester Polytechnic Institute WZG Worcester Zen Group WAU Word Among Us WBN Word Broadcasting Network WDK Word Developers Kit WER Word Error Rate WNU Word Net University WOG Word of God WOM Word Of Mouth WPG WordPerfect Graphics WOH Words Of Hope WPM Words Per Minute WEI Work and Environment Initiative WAH Work At Home WAD Work Authorization Document WCL Work Control Log WFH Work From Home WGS Work Group System WGU Work Group Unit WIP Work In Place WIO Work It Out WOR Work Order Record WPL Work Products List WPQ Work Profile Questionnaire WRR Work Requirements Review WYH Work Yourself Happy WAS Worked All States WBP Worker Benefit Plan WSV Worker Safety Verification WSM Workers Solidarity Movement WAI Working As Intended WCX Working Certificate Excellent WDA Working Dog Association WDX Working Dog Excellent WDQ Working Dog-Qualified WGB Working Group Budget WGL Working Group for Logistics WLM WorkLoad Manager WEE Workplace Environmental Exposure WPA Works Progress Administration WOK Workshop Organization Kit WQF Workstation Query Facility WUA Workstation Users Alliance WBL World Banks List WBD World Biodiversity Database WBA World Boxing Association WBC World Boxing Championship WBF World Boxing Federation WBO World Boxing Organization WBU World Boxing Union WBE World Business Education WCD World Championship Darts WCT World Championship Tennis WCW World Championship Wrestling WCI World Coal Institute WCY World Competitiveness Yearbook WCC World Council of Churches WCQ World Cup Qualifier WDO World Debate Organization WDI World Drug Index WEM World Education Market WEV World Electric Vehicle WEY World Evangelical Youth WFN World Federation of Neurology WFB World Fellowship of Buddhists WFK World Festival of Kites WFL World Football League WGV World Golf Village WGW World GoodWill WGM World Gospel Mission WGF World Gymnastics Federation WHM World Harvest Mission WHQ World HeadQuarters WHO World Health Organisation WHR World Health Report WHY World Hunger Year WJC World Jewish Congress WJG World Journal of Gastroenterology WJI World Journalism Institute WJY World Journey of the Youth WJJ World Judaica Journal WJD World Juggling Day WJR World Junior Rally WKO World Karate Organiztion WKA World Karting Association WKC World Kennel Club WKL World Kickboxing League WKN World Kickboxing Network WKM World Kindness Movement WKD World Knowledge Database WLG World Law Guide WLH World Lecture Hall WMM World Magnetic Model WMY World Mathematical Year WMO World Meteorological Organisation WMX World Moto Cross WNN World Nature Network WNC World News Connection WNA World Nuclear Association WOD World Of Darkness WOV World of Vacations!

WOQ World Oil Quarterly WPO World Packaging Organization WPJ World Policy Journal WPF World Population Foundation WRN World Radio Network WRO World Rainforest Organization WRC World Rally Championship WSA World Snowmobile Association WSR World Soil Resources WST World Super Tour WTD World Taxonomist Database WTT World Team Tennis WTO World Trade Organisation WUS World University Service WUY World Uyghur Youth WVW World View Weekend WVI World Vision International WVJ World Vision Japan WWI World War I VWF World Water Forum WWB World Wide Broadcasting WWF World Wide Fund for nature WWW World Wide Web WWA World Wrestling Alliance WWC World Wrestling Council WWE World Wrestling Entertainment WXL World Xiangqi League WYD World Youth Day WYX World Youth for Christ WZF World Zen Fellowship WZO World Zionist Organization WNK Worldnet Japan WLY World's Longest Yardsale WCG Worldwide Church of God WGG Worldwide Gaming Group WHE Worldwide Healthcare Exchange WII Worldwide Information Infrastructure WWK World-Wide Kitchen WWL World-Wide Lexicon WNF Worldwide Nanbudo Federation WWO WorldWide Organisation WWR World-Wide Radio WUB Worldwide Uchinanchu Business WUQ Worldwide User Quality [Apple Computer] WUN Worldwide Utility News WCA Worst Case Analysis WGJ Worthy Grand Joshua WGP Worthy Grand Patron WOX Wound Of Exit WIW Wrapped In Wire WRK Wreck WCB Write Combining Buffer WXI Write Expansion Input WXO Write Expansion Out WGA Writers Guild of America WGC Writers' Guild of Canada WUR Writes Upon Request WTS Writing Tutorial Services WJV Wuerttembergischer Judo-Verband WYU Wuyi University WZK Wydzial Zarzadzania Kryzysowego WYO Wyoming WDH Wyoming Department of Health WJN Wyoming Job Network WYZ Wyoming State Library WTE Wyoming Tribune-Eagle WYE Wyoming Youth Experience WSK Wytwornia Sprzetu Komunikacyjnego motorcycles WYV Wyvern XAC X Automatic Code XAL X10 Abstraction Library XAB X11 Address Book XBN Xabian Communications Network ZAX Xadani Zapoteco language XAN Xamtanga XAQ Xanalogically Asked Question YXO Xanthine Oxidase XAV Xavant language of Brazil XBK Xaver Bechtold Kabel XBP XBase Parts XBQ Xbox Quebec UXA Xefe Unidade XBD Xenomorph Database XAP Xenotransplantation Action Plan DPO x-files episode XBJ Xin Bai Jin XAG X-Media Asset Group XAR XML Archive XAS X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy XAI X-ray Analysis Integration XAZ X-ray Analysis Zone YXI "Y Explorations, Incorporated" YVR Yachats Village Rentals YYB Yachting Yearbook GXX Yagoua Cameroon YSX Yajnavalkya-Smrti Index YVJ Yajurvedic Vedanga Jyotis YSK Yakima School of Karate YUA "Yakima Urology Associates, P.

Johns YTI York Technical Institute YVA York Village Association YZI York Zimmerman Incorporated YTV Yorkshire Television YTJ Yorkshire Terrier Journal YUU Yorkshire Unitarian Union YYF Yothu Yindi Foundation UOK yoU OK? YYP You or Your Partner YSY You Said Yes YWF You Went First YWL You Will Lose YWW You Will Win YRY Young Referee of the Year Award YSQ Young Schema Questionnaire YSA Young Scientists of Australia YSW Young Shakespeare Workshop YSE Young Space Explorers YSO Young Stellar Object YTG Young Technology Group YTF Young Teens Fellowship YUD Young Urban Disciple YUT Young Urban Talent YVF Young Voices Festival YWY Young West Youth YWM Young Women in Ministry YWV Young Women of Virtue YWQ Young Women Qualifying YWA Young Worker Awareness Program YWX Young Workers Experience YWP Young Writers Program YYG Young Youth Group YZL Young Zionist Leaders YVB Youngstown Ohio Visitors Bureau YSU Youngstown State University YZO Youngstown Zoning Ordinance YVH Yountville Veterans Home YTA Your Tennis Advantage YVD Your Video Date YVL Your Video Link YWS Your Web Solutions YWE Your Word Edition YWZ Your World Zero YSM Yourdon Structured Method YSB You're So Beautiful YVW You're Very Welcome YTR Yours Truly Restaurants YYA Youth and Young Adult Ministries YXC Youth Cross Country YXG Youth eXamination Group YXW Youth Experience Washington YXL Youth Extra Large YXS Youth Extra Small YYH Youth for Youth Health YSI Youth Science Institute YSR Youth Self Report YSD Youth Services Division YSG Youth Services Group YSS Youth Support Scheme YTB Youth Talk Back YTO Youth Team Orlando YTN Youth Theatre Northwest YTY Youth To Youth drug prevention group YTH Youth Town Hall YTX Youth Training Experiment YTP Youth Training Program YTS Youth Training Scheme YTC Youth Trend Cycles YUO Youth Uintah Orchestra YUC Youth Ultimate Cincinnati YUK Youth Under Konstruction YUN Youth Unemployment YUM Youth Union Movement YUP Youth United for Peace YUW Youth United Way YUF Youth Up Front YVE Youth Versus Experience YVC Youth Voice Collaborative YVS Youth Voluntary Service YVU Youth Volunteers Union YWI Youth Walk-In YWJ Youth Water Japan YWO Youth Welfare Organization YWK Youth Who Kare YWN Youth Work Network YWT Youth Worker Team YWH Youth Workers Handbook YWG Youth Working Group YZR Youth Zone Radio YUE "Youth, Unity, and Education" YVP Youthful Visitation Program YVI Youths of Varying Intelligence YYS YoYaku Shop-net YSV Yritysten Sosiaalista Vastuuta YSZ Yttria Stabilized Zirconia YZB Yttria-stabilized Zirconia Bead YTZ Yttrium Stabilized Zirconia YWB Yu Wen Bao YZU "Yuan Ze University, Taoyuan, Taiwan " YYL Yuanyang Lake YZM Yuanzhumin YUH Yue Chinese YWC "Yue Wing Cheong Manufactory, Ltd.

WSH File ZBS Zone-Based Shipping ZND Zoned ZTH Zones Tropicales Humides ZUS Zones Urbaines Sensibles ZNM Zoneworx Network Module ZKU Zonguldak Karaelmas University ZLU Zoning and Land Use ZBN Zoning Bylaw Number ZTW Zontoetreding Woningen ZRA Zoo Registrars Association ZSJ Zoological Society of Japan ZSK Zoological Society of Korea ZCI Zoom Camera In ZCO Zoom Camera Out ZMG Zoom Media Group ZST Zoom Stereo Trinocular ZPV Zoomed Port Video ZUI Zooming User Interface ZTD Zope Corporation Threaded Discussion ZEO Zope Enterprise Object ZVQ Zope Visual Query ZLG Zorg Lichamelijk Gehandicapten ZNV Zorg Net Vlaanderen ZVB Zorg voor Borstvoeding ZZI Zorg Zaam in Informatie ZON Zorgonderzoek Nederland ZIL Zork Implement Language ZSO Zoroastrian Society of Ontario ZII Zorro Second Generation ZIG Zoster Immune Globulin ZIP Zoster Immune Plasma ZTX Z-series True Excellence Railway Station USA-DE location identifier ZFE Zsnes Front End YZT "Ztest Electronics, Incorporated" ZMV Zucca Mountain Vineyards ZHI Zuckermann Harpsichords International ZAH Zuercher Aids-Hilfe ZFA Zuercher Fachstelle fuer Alkoholprobleme ZGK Zuercher Gesellschaft fuer Kardiologie Railway Station USA-FL location identifier ZHW Zuercher Hochschule Winterthur ZKO Zuercher Kammerorchester ZKB Zuercher KantonalBank ZLI Zuercher Lehrmeistervereinigung Informatik ZVP Zuercher Presseverein ZSS Zuercher Stadtverband fuer Sport ZUF Zuercher Unterland fuer gerechte Fluglaermverteilung ZYC Zuercher Yacht Club ZBG Zuercherische Botanische Gesellschaft ZSG Zuerichsee-Schifffahrtsgesellschaft ZSZ Zuerichsee-Zeitungen ZBV Zuger Berufsbildungs-Verbund ZSA Zugfahrerselbstabfertigung ZSR Zugsteuerrechner ZHZ Zuid-Holland Zuid ZHM Zuidhollandse Milieufederatie ZOK Zuidhollandse Ondersteuningsorganisatie Kinderopvang ZKV Zuidlandse Korfbal Vereniging ZNI Zuid-Nederlands Installatiebedrijf ZNC Zuid-Nederlandse Constructie ZZO Zuidzuidoost ZOW Zuliefermesse Ost-Westfalen ZUU Zulu ZHT Zum Hingst Technologies ZUY Zumaya ZJA "Zumpano, Johnson and Anderson economics " ZYI "Zunyi, China" ZQI Zurick's Quonset Inn ZYD Zurn Yacht Design Exchange Street USA-NY location identifier ZVU Zusaetzlich Vertretene Unternehmen ZTV Zusaetzliche Technische Vertragsbedingungen ZJI Zusammenarbeit in den Bereichen Justiz und Inneres ZUB Zusammenschluss umweltbewusster Buerger ZHK Zusatzheilkosten ZKE Zusatzkommunikationseinrichtung ZSQ Zusatzqualifikation ZQO "Zuverlaessigkeit, Qualitaet und Originalpreise" ZOT Zuylensteyn Orieentatie Tocht ZPQ Zuzu's Petals Quarterly ZRJ Zvezna Republika Jugoslavija ZOR Zvlastnim Ochrannem Rezimu ZQW "Zweibruecken, Saarbruecken" ZCZ Zweirad-Center Zoeller ZDF Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen Germany ZZP Zweizentrenproblem ZVH ZwemVereniging Hardinxveld ZVZ Zwemvereniging Zoetermeer ZHP Zwiazek Harcerstwa Polskiego Polish Scouting Association ZLN Zwiazek Ludowo-Narodowy ZWZ Zwiazek Walki Zbrojnej Polish: Union for the Armed Struggle ZSN Zwicky Supernova ZYE Zydeco ZVX Zygocactus Virus X ZMC Zygomaticomaxillary Complex ZYG Zygote Resources ZYM Zymol ZYN Zynische Beobachter ZXK Zyrix Knight ZYR Zyrkalo Mira ZYK Zyryanka ZYT Zytronic ZYZ Zyzygy.

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